While Corona is raging in many Parts of the world is still wild, the situation in some Parts of Europe, at least a little reassured. In Germany, Restaurants and Bars are open subject to conditions, again, in France, up to 5000 people in football stadiums and race tracks may be found together, and in Austria even the generally valid mask obligation has been mitigated. However, these mitigation payments seem to give some people the feeling that the danger is already completely pulled us over, and the public life can proceed without restrictions. As seen, for example, in the case of a public Rave in Innsbruck Sillschlucht, which, among other things, the “Münchner Merkur” reported.

So should have taken in the past week already, again and again, several hundred revellers, to drink, in spite of Corona together and celebrate. On 5. July had accepted the Party then unforeseen proportions, the “mercury,” the report quoted the information from one of the Innsbruck police. This evening, around 1,000 people have gathered in the gorge.

Fatal, Crisis Management

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The police had only gotten a chance on the collection of attention. The guests “were all obviously in an impaired state (alcohol and/or narcotic drugs)”, said the police report.

Feeling: Corona was “over”

While Innsbruck’s mayor Georg Willi criticized the Party in an interview with “University Press” arming “The organizers are risking more than just penalties” – does not seem to the visitor to see the thing quite as closely. A dance-happy said the “mercury” anonymous, he had made at the event, no major Worry, because you have due to the loosening of the measures is the feeling that Corona was in Austria “over”.

And also, the organizers do not regret the event, or on demand of the “Unipress”, however: “In the high phase of the Corona of the Rave would not have been held, and that so many people are coming, no one expected. We also have sent out no invitations or calls started.” You have want to show with the event that it is possible to provide such parties without large Mixing of the city, on the legs and still have a good garbage and arrival concept.


If it is so smart to lure during a global pandemic 1000 people unannounced to a place, to show that you don’t need Monitoring, remains an unanswered question. Because the authorities will now take the quiet gorge is definitely more accurate to the eye.

Sources: “Unipress”, “Münchner Merkur”

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