“Don’t you come back in to my practice” – Christoph Seeber, house doctor, issued a ban on Impfgegnerin Practice. He had abandoned it, to discuss with such people.

Doctor Christoph Seeber reported to the “Weser Kurier” of a case in his practice that brought the barrel to Overflowing: A mother came with her sick son in his practice. The child had not been vaccinated, had whooping cough and was highly contagious. Until it had, and held it with his mother in the full room to wait surrounded by other patients, including the elderly and parents with babies. Seeber prescribed to the child by the mother required an antibiotic and referred her from his practice.

Opponents should stay from now on out. He would not close his practice, of course, to all unvaccinated patients. Only for those who would refuse any vaccination as the mother. No longer could he hold “the patient’s relationship to maintain”.

"Opponents are anti-social Trittbrettfahrer"

Opponents benefit from the so-called herd immunity. If 95 percent of the population is vaccinated, the spread of individual diseases. Opponents would benefit from this protection – and it simultaneously undermined, said Seeber.

“I can’t cope with this impossible selfishness. I can’t take it anymore. […] The opponents are parasites, anti-social freeloaders,” said Seeler, in a telephone conversation with the “Weser Kurier”. Resignation and bitterness, are a good listener. The doctor had given up: “at some point, I lost hope. It makes no sense to discuss with people who also believe that the earth is flat.“

Impfskeptikern shoots against the pharmaceutical industry: "Only a sick Patient brings Geld"

In Oldenburg, the “parents for Impfaufklärung meet once-a-month” short-Efi. As the Reporter of the “Weser Kurier” is spot on, there are three parents in attendance. Academics – including an officer and a computer scientist. The Efi-parents rather than Impfskeptiker see, rather than opponents. “The Doctors report only how great vaccines are,” said Jörg-Hendrik Kunze, the officials at the Meeting. “The Impfgedanke is mutated to a Faith, scandals todgeschwiegen be side effects.”

Yvone Spieker, third-party Efi the parents, know twelve children who are not vaccinated, “And I have rarely seen such healthy children, no allergies, no autism.” This could be a coincidence, found the mother. The round agreed with a Nod. “The industry wants to sell a lot of vaccines, because they know the side effects,” said Spieker. “Only a sick Patient brings money.”

Seeber vaccinates patients out of Conviction – he used to be

The would deny Seeber: For vaccination of the doctor between seven and ten Euro to get. “Rich, I’m not quite sure,” said Seebe. He vaccinate patients out of Conviction.

Side effects of the vaccination would occur naturally, said researcher Cornelia Betsch. However, the risk to not protect yourself, the greater. “Today we have an imbalance in the perception. This is to be human: We overestimate small risks and underestimate large ones.“

"To vaccinate or not? There is only one right decision."

Finally, reporters from the “Weser Kurier” is still a counsel of Impfskeptikerin Spieker: “But I wish you, that you make a sincere decision, if you eventually get father: to Vaccinate or not? There is only one right decision.“

"Only a proper Entscheidung" – that would see Seeber probably feel the same way. However, it would mean the complete opposite.