The stuffy nose during a cold is annoying. Especially if you have no nasal spray. With the key Trick, you breathe in just one Minute – without the drugs.

Sore throat, head hurts and nose is clogged From a cold, only very few remain in the Winter spared. In the case of a clogged nose, you do not need to resort to Sprays or drugs. With a simple Trick of acupressure, you can put your Suffering to an end – and within a few minutes.

All it takes is a key, such as Johannes Greten from the Institute of Chinese medicine, Heidelberg explained. “A stuffy nose with certain actions on the so-called Magical triangle, which is around our sinuses, treat”.

Without the Spray: With the key-method to a free nose

And it goes like this: put the key first in the angle of the sides of the Nose which is clogged most. Then, you turn the key eight times, then eight times in the other direction. Repeat the Whole cycle once again in the opposite direction. When you are finished, follow the circle movements on the other side of your nose.

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After the end of the series. Here, however, to the right place. The “reflex point” is located slightly above and between the eyebrows, over the forehead bead in the middle line. This is where you put the key in and stimulate the point again after the 3-times-8-principle. After a Minute, the nose should be, according to the Greten already free. Who wants to be on the safe side, you can also use the method three times in a row.