Since the Coronavirus is from the health and care system present particular challenges for experienced nurses and carers more recognition than usual. However, not every these professions to be recognized as a “system relevant”. A nurse from Austria, had to find that you are being targeted because of their activities in-house.

Alexander Jorde

"I’m going to from day-to-day wütender" as Germany’s most famous nurses experienced the corona crisis

Angela Steiner works in a seniors facility in Salzburg and taking care of the elderly. These are threatened by the Coronavirus in particular. The door to her apartment, Steiner was recently a piece of paper with a message that was supposedly from their neighbors: “We, the residents, ask you to take off! We do not want a plague in the house!”

Hostility against nurse: “I was shocked”

The Nurse the message shared on your Twitter Account and got a number of reactions. Apparently, not only a positive way, because now the salt citizen has locked their profile for Public, so that the Tweets are visible. “At first I was shocked,” said Steiner, the Austrian news site “Today”.

“It has got around that in a home near my work place staff and residents positive to the Virus were tested,” added Steiner. In the settlement you live since twelve years, with the neighbors you’ve had in the time never any problems. In the nursing home, where you work, had so far failed all Tests negative.

Constructive dialogue instead of extract

On the rude message to the other inhabitants of the house Steiner responded in turn with a clear message. The requirement to move out of her house, not going to comply, she wrote on Twitter.

Instead, you want to engage in a constructive dialogue: “I am ready to answer about the Virus issues and how to protect yourself properly. Maybe it’s unfounded Fears. Solidarity in this difficult time, there is no one-way street. We keep together. We can do this together! For anxiety disorders there are good professionals, I will gladly continue to give you these contacts. Yesterday I was tested negative. So please keep a Meter distance and wear MNS (mouth-nose protection).”

Sources: Angela Steiner on Twitter / “Today”

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