These are the touching scenes in all this tragedy here in New York. At seven o’clock the firemen come here in front of the Bellevue Hospital, and applaud all the doctors and nurses, the start of their night shift. The nurses in turn to take photos with the firefighters, applaud those for the use. In the large buildings here, up to 20 stories high around it, the people applaud and cheer the nurses and all the assistants here. These are the beautiful moments that make hope in this time, in this dark time for New York, one has to say This week is especially hard. Because, as the President indicated at the press conference today, hundreds of dead expected, 700 is probably per day. The Governor Andrew Cuomo said. Every day in New York City will be a tough week, the approaching, then Easter is the climax, then perhaps even on good Friday or over the Easter weekend. Such moments are, of course, incredibly important a little hope, a little joy. For five minutes the people to applaud each other and that we do hope for this heavy week.