SPIEGEL ONLINE: Ms. Adler, you are a dermatologist, and have several books on the skin posted. What makes the skin so special?

Yael Adler: The skin is our largest sensory organ and fulfills a lot of functions. It is like an early warning system and protects us from burns, injuries, infections, from dehydration and helps in heat regulation. We can read her moods: goosebumps, when someone is emotionally touched, paleness, if one is afraid or frantic spots for Stress. The skin directly reflects the Psyche. Touches can lust be full, especially in the erogenous zones.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What happens during a touch?

Adler: At the reception of the receptors, we measure pressure, strain, temperature, pain and Vibration. The nerves pick up on the sensations and transmit them to the spinal cord and the brain. There in touch, neurotransmitters are released hormones, such as Oxytocin. I call it the world peace hormone. People are much touching or touched, are on the whole peaceful, diplomatic and calm. So “Make love not war” – so dusty it sounds, but it neuro is occupied on a scientific basis. During Sex a hormone cocktail is released from endorphins, a hormone of happiness, and dopamine, the reward hormone, Sex -, and activation of hormones that sharpen the senses.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: How important touch is for us?

Adler: touch is necessary for survival for us. The Psyche benefits greatly from it. People in the club are office, live alone, are Single or are not allowed to touch each other for religious reasons, more likely to suffer depression.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: In your book you write that the skin is the largest sexual organ can be seen. Why?

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Adler: Each contact is inevitably on the skin. Desire, arousal and Desire are closely related. Of course be is naked on a topic. It stands for trust, for devotion. And the man is vulnerable when he is naked.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What is the function of the skin, specifically during Sex?

Adler: First, see the Partner, also to the skin, as the other one just goes. It stimulates both and leads to the desire to sweat, the circulation device into the swing. The heat output is at the athletic Sex is also important. This also creates a feeling of closeness that Touch and ensures that hormones are released. The creation of a feeling of pleasure, help you but also to come to a climax.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Can you train that sensitive to touch?

Eagle: certainly. From neurology we know, that nerves are trainable. But this has a lot to do with the Psyche. And the will to embrace it: to listen, to add feel, look. Say, to pay attention to body signals and take the time to do it. Meditation is a tried and tested means. It also means to know himself and his body. You should to just about anything once, tasted and felt. Women should also be aware of the Vulva carefully. The better the sense of Self, the more one can perceive his feelings. Masturbation can help to be aware of the erotic. of switch positions on my own body – and to use them during Sex.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: How is tells the skin stories?

Adler: The skin shows in the course of life changes. On the skin we can see also, whether the person pays attention to a healthy life-style: Whether he smokes to much in the sun, having a drink. Or if he’s into sports, healthy food, happy and a lot of laughs. Also, chronic Stress is characterized in the skin by irritation, redness, and irritation.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Soft, delicate, flawless skin is considered Ideal. How do you see that?

Adler: Soft skin, thick, full head of hair and healthy nails to tell the Opposite, that it is healthy. And it is worthwhile to reproduce with the Person – this is an evolutionary Reflex. Beautiful skin is one that protects a, and the man feels comfortable. And has no signs of inflammation or irritation that can cause discomfort. Of course, you can also have a redness here and there, or an injury. But if someone has chronic itching, or desquamates, or is flushed, the skin is sick and not ugly. Then you have to help her to come back into balance. If someone has, for example, psoriasis, do people reflexively at a distance, because they think they might catch. While psoriasis is not contagious and you can touch them. Because you have to conduct reconnaissance.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What is the role of the smell of the skin?

Adler: The skin smell is a very important topic. Information about the immune system, the blood group, genetics and hormonal state, are secreted. The smell also plays a role in our choice of partner has a role. If we distort him through creams, Perfume, or the pill, this may influence the choice of a partner.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: where does a bad body odor?

Adler: people who stink, either wear synthetic clothes, or you have an incorrect Microbiome on the skin. The bacteria that protect us. In a healthy Microbiome, it has fewer skin infections and a better body odour. With lots of care measures, we destroy the nature of our skin we need the old habitat of the stone age. Then the skin would be healthier.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What are your tips for skin care?

Adler: Since the stone age, the skin hardly changed. The protection mechanisms are the same. With the sebum and the lipids of the upper skin we have glands two sources of Fat. This unique blend is a great body lotion – it creates a nourishing effect on the skin and protects against dehydration, pathogens and infections. This keeps you supple and is good for the itching. The industry is trying to make such creams to restore. But nothing is as good as what the body makes. The most Important thing is not, therefore, that you wegseift this layer of fat, but mostly only with water washes. Except for the hands, you must wash, of course, with a mild washing substance. And who would like to Make, sparingly, armpits, butt, and feet. But otherwise, the skin doesn’t need it.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: And how it looks with the horn-skin from?

Adler: Many people may think that this thin Horny layer on the upper skin wegpeelen must. This is wrong. This is like a protective wall, and to stick around. Otherwise, allergens, or pathogens can penetrate and dries the skin out more. A scrub is only in the case of blackheads, acne or heavy calluses on the upper arms makes sense. Alkaline Soaps, preservatives, and disinfectants are harmful to the acid mantle of the skin and the Microbiome. You should always assist only with creams, where it is dry and stretched. And on products without fragrance, color and preservatives put. In skin care, less is more.