Time efficient, sometimes erratically China fights against the Virus. Every house entrance in Shanghai security officials, the suits in protection for anyone who wants to enter, to measure the temperature now. So Infected should be immediately identified. It is one of many measures, which, similar to the Wearing of respiratory protection masks, and more to suggest efficacy, as you actually use. For over three weeks, the life in the Chinese cities is now at a standstill. At the beginning of the week, the Numbers of new infections are among rails to flatten out, which made the prospect of an early peak in the epidemic.

On Thursday, however, shocked new Numbers from the province of Hubei. They confirm what many suspected for a long time. The actual Numbers are far higher, as the Chinese government had previously announced. Thus, new infections rose by 18,000 to 60,000 cases. Now 5000 more were added. On the one hand, bad, good, and finally, but bad news.

More Coronavirus-Infected in the statistics

The sudden increase is firstly due to the fact that the Chinese authorities have changed the diagnostic criteria for the Virus. A so-called NAA Test was needed to diagnose a Corona (or Covid-19 as the Virus is now officially called), as such, meet now also CT Scans. The rapid rise is therefore not due to New infections. It is Infected, the not appeared previously in the statistics.


A student reported from Wuhan: "The Situation is much worse, as the state media schildern"

Repeatedly invaded in the past few weeks, reports to the Public, according to which patients with obvious Corona-symptoms went to a hospital, where they were rejected but because of a NAA Test was negative. Since Thursday also documented cases with inflammation include wings in both lungs and other symptoms to the official statistics. That Beijing adapts the diagnostic criteria is a step in the right direction.

Suspected cases in hospitals dismissed

They reveal, however, is a different Problem: The number of actually Infected is higher than the official reported it. The approximately 20,000 infected in the province of Hubei, the NAA Test was in spite of symptoms is negative, a number of persons who had visited a hospital there, but were dismissed. Numerous reports from Concerned suggested. Also, the fact that Beijing will change overnight, the diagnostic criteria, weakens the confidence in the crisis-competence of the government.

The number of the dead increased

Top politicians dropped in China due to Coronavirus epidemic

Also, the number of dead jumped from 242 to 1367. The largest increase within one day since the outbreak of the crisis suggests that the mortality of the Virus is still uncertain. And finally, the new diagnostic criteria apply only in Hubei, the epicenter of the Virus.

Migrant workers return

For the first time migrant workers from the province back in the metropolises of the East coast to work in the factories to resume. Between the 7. and 10. February arrived every day around 100,000 people, with the train in Shanghai.

The Regime seems to be the economy have the primacy over the disease control given. This is because, with the trip shaft is also the risk of new infections is rising again. They must report initially and for up to 14 days in self-quarantine issued. However, how long the quarantine fails, is different from case to case. In addition, new studies indicate that the incubation period could be up to 24 days.

The trip shaft is yet to come?

Analysts at the Japanese Bank Nomura estimate that around 20 percent of migrant workers have returned. This, in turn, would mean that the great journey wave is still to come.


"Many get neither a diagnosis nor Behandlung" – as a resident describes life in Wuhan

Meanwhile, the crisis calls for the first victims in politics: The party Secretary of Hubei, Jiang Chaoliang, as well as the party Secretary of Wuhan, self -, Ma Guoqiang had to take on Thursday their hat. The former is replaced by the former mayor of Shanghai, Ying, Yong. Both politicians have been criticised for some time for their handling of the crisis. They are accused of, an outbreak of the Virus can be prevented if they had responded in the first few weeks of faster and more comprehensive. Up to five million people have left Wuhan in front of the travel lock. How many of them were already infected, is uncertain.

The process follows a traditional pattern in Chinese politics: whenever a Problem occurs, roll the heads of Local and provincial politicians, so that the Central government as a saver in the Emergency present.

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