Mysterious illness images: A woman can barely walk and stumbles constantly. For years, the doctors find no answer but a randomly read a magazine article leads to a solution. Another case: A man gets a strong fever. Eyes, ears and heart will always be weaker. First, a conversation with his Ex-wife brings the late rescue.

In the popular star-heading “diagnosis” Doctors to detectives. Embark on a search for the most curious cases of illness of their patients. None of the causes is obvious. The road to finding is for the meticulous Research, the symptoms be for a puzzle game with a surprising resolution. star-editor Dr. Anika Geisler hits the medic, the Podcast of their most spectacular cases tell.

“The diagnosis”: Now also available as a Podcast

In the first episode of the medical detectives, a master Mason suffers relapses, suddenly, of a Fever. A little later he can hear and see. Finally, the heart becomes weaker and weaker. The Doctors dont know and assume the Worst. But a conversation with the Ex-wife to save the patient: they told of an incident two years ago. And also the TV series “Dr. House” plays in the solution of the mysterious Case an important role.

These and many more interesting cases treated in the new Podcast of the star. The diagnosis starts exclusively on Audio Now, the new Audio platform for RTL Radio Germany. Every two weeks a new episode of and with editor Anika Geisler appears.

Audio Now-Start

New "Brigitte"-Podcast by Greta Silva: don’t whine, and grab

Pure joy to the ears, the “Brigitte promises”: The magazine is presented via Audio Now the new Podcast “Happy is a decision” by Greta Silver.