A meal with a high content of saturated fatty acids can impair the ability to concentrate and attention to measure. This is reported by researchers in the "The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition". Two of the same meals that differed only in their content of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids, led to the fact that the test persons were able to concentrate differently.

Of the 51 women tested, those who had taken a meal with a lot of saturated fatty acids cut off, by an average of eleven percent worse. The women from the comparison group had eaten the same fat-rich dish, but their meal had been prepared with sunflower oil, rich in – healthier – unsaturated fatty acids is.

"There is only one meal was – it is quite remarkable that we have seen a difference. Since both dishes were rich in fat, could sein&quot the effect of a meal with a high content of saturated fatty acids compared to a low-fat meal even greater;, Dr. Annelise Madison of the Ohio State University, said.

The researchers conclude from the results that there might be a connection between fatty foods and the brain: fatty acids can pass the blood-brain barrier, and previous studies have shown that foods with high content of inflammation of saturated fatty acids in the body, and possibly in the brain can trigger.