In the face of a rapid increase in the infection figures of the US puts the state of Texas further relaxations of the Coronavirus-restrictions on ice cream. Governor Greg Abbott, said that further phases of the re-opening would, for the time being suspended. Previous relaxations but would not be reversed.

“Increase of Covid-19-cases” in Texas

“While we are experiencing an increase of Covid-19-cases and hospital admissions, we focus on strategies to slow the spread of the Virus and allowing Texans to earn money for their families”, – said the politician of the Republican party of President Donald Trump. To close “transactions, the last thing we want as a state.”

Presidential election

Donald Trump failed in the crisis and his country turns away from him

US President, Trump tweeted, in those days quite a fictitious Approval rating of over 90 percent, in fact, the fewer voters to hold him. Corona and the “Black-Lives-Matter”debate to mark the end of the Era of Trump?

The current Pause in the Corona-loosening will help the spread of the Virus to contain said Abbott. The Governor called on the population to wear protective masks to wash your hands regularly, and spacing rules.

Texas and a number of other U.S. States are currently experiencing the highest number of new corona virus infections since the beginning of the crisis. Texas is also one of those States, which were charged in early June with the easing of the Corona of the restrictions above. Experts had warned of a rapid return to normality.

122.000 Coronavirus Deaths in the United States

In the United States nearly 2.4 million Coronavirus have been registered infections and more than 122,000 Dead. The by far highest Figures in the world.


Corona in the United States is on the rise – Florida record increase recorded

According to a recent estimate by the US health authority CDC, the actual number of infections could be ten Times higher. Therefore, five to eight percent of the population were infected since the beginning of the crisis with the Virus. In 329,8 million US residents, this means that between 16.5 and 26.4 million people have been infected in the past few months, with the Virus. The estimate is based on anti-body Tests.

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