Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), has presented his law to the compulsory vaccination against measles. According to him, this should be with money up to 2500 euros, and exclusion from the nursery visit to the enforced penalties. Vaccinations will be the same for all Doctors possible – except for dentists.

“We want to protect all children from being infected with measles. Therefore, all attending a nursery or school to be vaccinated against measles. Who is there, prove it,” said Spahn, the “picture on Sunday”. “Who is taken care of now, must provide evidence by 31. July of next year later. All parents should be able to be sure that your child will not be infected with measles and are at risk.“

The proof should be on the vaccination certificate or Vaccination certificate: “those Who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, you must also prove with a medical certificate.”

Children without Vaccinations will be from Kita-visit excluded. “Finally, children under ten months may not be vaccinated and, thus, are particularly vulnerable to are in day-care centres,” said Spahn. In the case of schools this was not possible, because there is compulsory education applies: “But who does not vaccinate his child is threatened by fines in the amount of up to 2500 euros.” This would be initiated by the health authorities.

“I want to eradicate the measles”

Although according to the latest Figures from the Robert Koch-Institute, 93 percent of the children in Germany are against measles through vaccination, holds Spahn, a vaccination is essential: “I want to eradicate the measles. But not 93, but at least 95 percent of two measles must have vaccinations. This ratio, we do not reach, despite all the campaigns and good Appeals. Vaccination is one of the greatest achievements of mankind. We have eradicated infectious diseases, quasi -, have gathered in previous generations, many millions of people.“

The risks of vaccinations, the health Minister has to be manageable: “Scientifically, the risks of vaccination are much lower than the risks of a disease. This is particularly true in the case of measles. Incidentally, The very rare vaccine damage is to be legally compensated.“

For all Doctors except dentists

For the individual citizen, not by the cost of vaccination would arise: “The pay, the health insurance companies. The measles vaccine costs about 60 Euro. A measles infection, with the possible result of a multiple of diseases, however, more expensive.“

Vaccinations against measles are in future to be the same for all Doctors (except dentists). “It’s about to make the most of every visit to the doctor to check the vaccination status and to vaccinate,” said Spahn. Also, the public health service should play a stronger role: “He could offer to schools and day care centers vaccinations.”

“I am now vaccinated against tick bites”

Spahns draft is currently being voted on in the government. The Minister of health expects that the law will be adopted in 2019: “I reckon this year, with a decision of the Bundestag.”

He had vaccinations all of the recommended protection, Spahn: “I recently checked my vaccination status and some of the necessary refresh operations, for example against Tetanus and diphtheria. I am now vaccinated against tick bites. Now I’m going to convince my husband to make two doses.“