The main problems in Parkinson’s disease represent the strong Tremors of the hands and an increasing Bewegungslosikeit. Both of which make it the patient is difficult with drugs have to deal. What should know the patients and families about Parkinson’s disease and around, taking Drugs, says the country’s Association of pharmacists of Baden-Württemberg to the global Parkinson’s day.

Palsy is the German Name of Parkinson’s disease and describes the most important symptoms. Uncontrollable with slow movements to the immobility of the typical characteristics of the disease are Trembling. The main cause is a lack of the Neurotransmitter dopamine.

Whether medication blister, eye drops or other medicine vials: Through the stiff limbs, it Affected difficult to open with the slides provided with the medicine blister or hard-to-standard twist-off closures. So it is good if the daily tablets are provided in small cups or bowls. In advanced disease the case, as soon as the Tremor, so the Tremor started in the Hand, is the self-employed, taking drops is hardly possible.

"A Parkinson’s Patient comes in the pharmacy and needed something for a cough or a stomach discomfort, I recommend no liquid medicines, but other routes of administration. The can Swallow tablets or Suck sein", Friederike Habighorst-Klemm, a member of the Board of Directors of the land pharmacists Association explains. Who is required eye drops that can get in the pharmacy, dosing AIDS, which facilitate the application. They support patients, for example, when Squeezing the bottle or "Zielen" in the eye.

Ernäcurrency and drugs

Patients with Parkinson’s disease, eat at the best more of the protein is reduced, the pharmacist further: "As dopamine be taken medications containing better. In addition, the constipation, the Sick often suffer can be reduced." Because it is very tiring, takes a long time and, unfortunately, often make a mess, eat and drink a lot of Parkinson’s patients. For a good General condition, however, it is important to drink enough and to eat a balanced diet.

Concerned also have to make sure to take their tablets or capsules, particularly regularly, so you can keep your dopamine levels as constant as possible. The Medicine must be in accordance with the instructions taken, because there are important differences. "L-dopamine drugs with the active ingredient Levodopa should be usually taken half an hour before eating or one and a half hours after the meal. Who needs contrast, dopamine-agonist with active agents such as amantadine or Pramipexole, should the einnehmen&quot always with a meal or a Snack;, power clamping Habighorst significantly.


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