In personal contact with other people, the facial expression plays a big role. Some companies are even working on technologies to determine the satisfaction of their customers based on facial Expressions. New research results show, however, that faces emotions do not always reliably reflect.

Aleix Martinez, a Professor of electrical and computer engineering at the Ohio State University, had raised the question of whether one can recognize emotions with the help of computer algorithms in the facial Expressions. He answered: "The basic conclusion is: no, you can’t."

With his Team, he had compared the muscle movements of the face with the emotions of a Person and found that the facial Expressions rarely draw conclusions on the state of mind of pull: "Everyone makes different facial expressions, depending on the context and cultural Background. It is important to recognize that not everyone who smiles is happy. And not everyone who is happy, smiles. I would even say that most of the people who do not smile, are therefore, still unhappy."

Face color köcould emotions betrayed

Martinez does not believe that it is possible, by means of facial analysis to determine whether someone of a crime is guilty, whether a student is in the classroom, watching or whether a customer is satisfied with the purchase. Helpful but could be the colour of the face, when emotions alter the blood circulation. Further, the body posture, the culture and the context are crucial: Martinez showed the study participants a picture of a screaming man with a bright red face. One would assume that it is an extremely angry Person. "But when the participants saw the whole picture, they realized that it was a football player, a goal feierte", Martinez said. He warns us not to take into account in the assessment of another Person, only the expression on the face.


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