In the Rush hour through the city to work: Stress of driving occurs when the car often, and is even considered to be a risk factor for a sudden heart attack. Music while Driving, this danger could be heard against taxes, as a small study from Brazil shows.

Scientists have five drivers inside of two days each for 20 minutes in the peak period of three kilometers through the Brazilian city of Marília driving, once with and once without music. To generate as much Stress, they had selected a little the most experienced riders and those in an unknown car sent.

It showed that the driver had a more variable heart rate, if you listened to music. This relieves the load on the heart, because it can adapt its rate better to the circumstances. A low heart rate variability is inversely a sign of heart Stress.

"Listening to music has a moderate stress level of the volunteers while driving gemindert", study leader Prof. Vitor Engrácia Valenti said. In his view, the results of the study could help to take measures for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases in acute stress situations. "Music, such a preventive measure could be heard in situations of severe Stress, such as when Driving in the Hauptverkehrszeit", the scientists said.