You can see in the Video: milk glass pattern – this Corona-late alert Doctors to follow.

Dimitri Boulgacov infected two months ago with the novel Coronavirus. In the course of the 46 can remember-Year-old is still very good. O-Ton Dimitri Boulgakov, had Covid-19 “Of symptoms, I had pain for ten days, high fever, total link, headache, I also had no smell and sense of taste more. I could also move my eyes, barely. This was really catastrophic.” Although the disease took Dimitri Boulgakov a comparatively mild course, he is now one of the patients in whom the disease is more than two months after the outbreak is still not over. O-Ton Dimitri Boulgakov, had Covid-19 “to Me it’s week-to-week better. That was, like, five weeks. In the idle state, I can breathe completely normal now. And I can say that I can now breathe normal to deep. But in the case of physical Loads, such as, for example, when running stairs, or playing ball with the kids, then I feel that it is as before.” Torsten Blum is a senior physician in the Berlin of the lung clinic heckeshorn at Helios hospital Emil von Behring. And the be treated has doctor Dimitri Boulgacov. Whether the restrictions will remain below those of the father of a family suffers, the doctor can’t tell yet. Because of the experience values are missing. O-Ton, Torsten Blum, senior physician “Currently, there are no scientific publications that show this clearly. However, we see patients that have unique changes in the area of the lung.” The in Dimitri Boulgakov recognize, such as a CT scan of his lungs shows. O-Ton, Torsten Blum, senior physician, “And here we see a so-called milk glass pattern. The remaining infiltrative changes. Here, here, here, and here” For a forecast, according to the head doctor too early. The next appointment of Dimitri Boulgakov is in three months. O-Ton, Torsten Blum, senior physician, “We have seen now in the last 14 days of the eight patients in the outpatient clinic, the Covid have been through, so it is not in the hospital, where the question was: What is the explanation for the persistent shortness of breath? We have seen then, the x-ray image, that the lung inflammation has not yet formed.” For the Doctors, the disease is still new. Unfortunately, too new to say exactly what impact it will have in the long term on the body.