You can see here in the Video: RKI-President Lothar Wieler to the current Situation in Germany

O-Ton Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert Koch Institute: “The Covid-19-Figures in our country show some positive trends. To the citizens of our country have significantly, that means all of us contributed. Otherwise, we see in the estimates made by the Robert-Koch Institute, which will be made by the Leopoldina, with the exception of small Details are no major differences. We have a slightly more differentiated assessment of the Opening of the schools. We think that it is possible, to some extent makes logical sense to first open the older in the school. But these are only estimates. The decision to do this, I would like to emphasize again and again that will be taken by politicians. But Older, we would think, for example, that you comply with the distance rules is likely to be better. In this respect, an epidemiologist it would be more appropriate. But there are reasons for and against, which are subsequently discussed. I want to stress once again that We have no blueprint. This pandemic there were not so still. There is not always a wrong and right, but we are much to easily try out and see what is there afterwards to take effect.”