In women after the Menopause, the loss of teeth is a warning signal for the start could be high blood pressure. A new study from the US suggests. Good oral hygiene is, therefore, for women at higher ages is particularly important.

Tooth loss is apparently of a coronary heart disease, a stroke and a higher risk of premature death. The researchers have found the University of Buffalo and the State University of New York, the hang inflammation to Together, between the gums, tooth loss and the risk for high blood pressure were looking for.

The connection between the onset of hypertension and tooth loss was more pronounced in women under 60 years of age and women with a previously low blood pressure less than 120 mmHg is particularly strong. Gums with high blood pressure associated inflammation. The authors conclude that for women after Menopause, a thorough dental hygiene is particularly important. Further preventive measures, such as close blood pressure monitoring, Changing eating habits, more physical activity and a reduction in weight could reduce the burden of disease due to high blood pressure.

The investigation included 36.692 post-menopausal women in a mean age of 67 years. The study participants were observed over an average of 8.3 years up to the year 2015.