While we can safely assume the Kardashians have access to the best dental care out there, we love it when they let us in on how they keep those shiny teeth sparkling—especially when it’s an affordable buy. Lucky for those of us striving to get sparkling whites, Kourtney Kardashian recently revealed her go-to toothpaste on her lifestyle website Poosh: the all-natural JASON Sea Fresh Strengthening Toothpaste ($4; amazon.com).

The $4 toothpaste has close to 1,000 reviews on Amazon and stands at an overall 4.3 rating, with shoppers raving about how the quality of their dental health—and life in general—has improved since using it. The botanical JASON toothpaste is made with natural ingredients like algae, spearmint, and parsley, and it’s free of gluten, artificial sweeteners, parabens, and sulfates. Because it’s free of chemicals and abrasives, it’s gentle on teeth. Plus, its ingredients are calcium- and protein-rich to help strengthen teeth and gums.

According to reviewers, the toothpaste isn’t overbearingly minty—and it’s not too sweet either. Many customers with sensitive teeth and gums, including those who often get bad reactions from non-natural toothpastes, say they love the switch to JASON.

“I don’t normally write toothpaste reviews, but this one deserves it. After a month or two of using this, I can eat ice cream and it doesn’t hurt! This is monumental,” one shopper wrote. “For someone who has suffered (yes, it is suffering when you can’t eat room-temperature fruit without pain) for decades with tooth sensitivity, I am blown away. I don’t really know if it’s the SLS [sodium lauryl sulfate] that is irritating to me or something magical that is in the toothpaste that helps, but I’m really happy. My quality of life is improved.”

To buy: $4; amazon.com

Another customer wrote that even his dentist was impressed with the state of his teeth after brushing with JASON’s toothpaste. “This toothpaste makes my mouth happy. No crazy taste or smell…and my dentist seemed to indicate it works rather well as I [passed] the last checkup after 6 months of use with flying colors,” he wrote. “Very happy with this brand.”

And at just $4 a tube, it definitely can’t hurt to try.

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