In China, the Coronavirus from spreading further. According to the authorities, more than 24,000 people have already been infected, 490 Diseased have died. The Chinese government is trying by all means to prevent the spread of the novel respiratory disease – also with relief goods from abroad. Germany sent about suits, 10,000 of protection. Japanese companies and a city government have now donated more than a Million respiratory masks. In social networks a picture of the relief supplies distributed, because the boxes full of the breath masks are shipped with a touching message to China. “Separate countries – the common sky”, is written there.

The sentence comes from Buddhism, and in view of the difficult relations between the two countries, a special sign of friendship and assistance. For decades, the Sino-Japanese Compounds are hard to be charged. Although in the last years, the economic relationship between Japan and China has improved, the two countries on many fields, and competitors.

In China, Japan is perceived also as a military threat. Especially the close relationship of Japan to the United States, and the unofficial, since 2005, also the official support of the former Japanese colony of Taiwan as the protecting power will be seen very critical. Also the massacre of Nanking and other Japanese war crimes from the second world war are not forgotten in China for a long time and forgiven.

So far, 33 Japanese infected with Coronavirus

The radical measures to contain the epidemic have led in China, meanwhile, to a drastic slowdown of public life. Many factories and offices are shut for now on. Some companies such as Volkswagen in Beijing to let their employees work from home. In many cases, however, are supply chains already broken. Such as Lufthansa, many Airlines have cancelled their China flights. The impact on the economic life are enormous.

In Japan have been infected so far, 33 citizens with the Coronavirus. On Monday, a ship of the shipping company Princess Cruises has been made in the port of Yokohama under quarantine. There are ten Sufferers were identified, were retrieved from the “Diamond Princess”, and now on the mainland will be taken care of. The infected individuals are Japanese citizens.

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