Yes, this is quite simple – you can use the gummy bears even do-it-yourself: Who calories saved, and yet not the delicious candy dispense want, you can in just a few minutes, a reduced-sugar Alternative to create.

These ingredients are needed:

  • 100 grams of frozen fruits without added sugar
  • 3 TBSP water
  • 6 level TSP of Agar-Agar as a gelling agent
  • 3 TBSP lemon juice
  • 2 TBSP honey, maple syrup or rice syrup
  • If necessary, additional sweeteners

Also, you need to:

  • Blender
  • Gummy-Form of silicone (alternatively, an ice cube form)is
  • Pipette for dosing (depending on the size of the shape)

In 5 easy steps for gummy bears

In the case of color and taste to your heart’s content varies be. Instead of frozen fruit, juice, Cola, fruit syrup, or even mulled wine is suitable, for example. The imagination has no limits. If you plan on gummy bears to give away, they should before packaging, with cornstarch dusted so that you do not stick to each other.

What speaks to bear against the conventional rubber?

1. The high sugar content

Per day worldwide, a whopping 100 million gummy bears are produced. The colorful sweets are simply delicious. And the bag is broken once, it’s hard not to be completely empty.

The Scary part: With a bag of gold bears (300 g) plastering so to just about 1000 calories. This corresponds approximately to a lush lunch. A look at the nutritional table shows how it comes to this high value: A gummy bear is made out of 77% from carbohydrates. Alone, 46 percent of which are sugar.

Add to this the 16 percent water and 6 percent gelatin. Something is still missing, right? Right: With just 2 per cent, a tiny proportion of fruit juice and citric acid has been hidden in the gold bear.

The Self-made variant contains – depending on which sweeteners are added and in what quantity – only about 15 to 20 grams of sugar to 100 grams.

2. Animal Gelatin

The traditional gummy in no way a vegetarian or even vegan, hides you too happy. But the fact is: edible gelatin is most commonly made from pig skin. The catastrophic conditions under which the animals are partially held, are known. One more reason to look for an Alternative.

As a gelatin replacement is suitable, for example, Agar-Agar, also Agartang or Japanese gelatin called. The substance is from the cell of some algae species from East Asia walls. Half a teaspoon is about gelatin as effective as four-blade.

By the way: Since a few years Haribo has also some selected products in the range, produced with the help of starch or of Agar-Agar, and, therefore, are vegan.

3. Sustainable and fair? Wrong!

The bears Shine and not stick together, you have the so-called Carnauba wax due to the as a food additive under the designation “E 903” listed is. This comes from the leaves of the Carnauba palm, which grows only in the North-East of Brazil.

From a health perspective is the consumption of the wax is harmless, since it is undigested is eliminated from the system. But also, if we can eat the bears with Wax, without hesitation, there remains a bitter aftertaste.

Because of the poor working conditions of the gold bears is truly not a fair product. According to the research of the ARD is to work at 40 degrees Celsius in the shade, without adequate safety precautions. Some of the workers are also insured or the age of majority – and for a pittance. Not least because of the long transport routes, is the Haribo-group, so not really a pioneer in terms of Eco-balance and Fairness.

The flavor is super, but …

Too much Similarity with the Original is not the Self-made Version. Nevertheless, I find the homemade gummy bears with no added sugar is really delicious: The beans taste fruity and not at all artificial. The Aroma of the fruits that I have chosen as the Basis, are very intense.

The gummi bears further save calories, I used Flav Drops (flavor: raspberry) instead of honey or syrup. The result is sweet but not too sweet. So, like a candy.

What is the consistency is concerned, I am however, a little disappointed. For my taste, the beans are clearly not al dente enough. After a few days in the refrigerator, the rubber bear, however, is harder, and the Original similar. Also I like to experiment and test the different flavors and colors.

Overall, I’m of the homemade gummy bears convinced a low cost and a result that can be seen.


Video: The Haribo-Check. Online information of the ARD: (Stand 16.10.2017)

ARD-brand check criticised working conditions at Haribo. Online information of the Augsburg General Panorama: (status: 19.10.2017)

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