Enough German to get vaccinated. The result: 170 measles cases in Germany this year. In order to face Here the German is a legal obligation, however, is the wrong way to go, says the health expert of the Green.

Green-health expert, Kordula Schulz-ash advocates that parents let their children be vaccinated, but it is against a compulsory vaccination. For FOCUS Online, you commented on the major theses of vaccination opponents.

  • FOCUS Online also spoke with a proponent of mandatory vaccination. Here you can read his arguments.

Thesis 1: measles eradication – the with targeted information.

In order to combat the Here of the Germans, it needs no statutory requirements, says Kordula Schulz-ash. The successful even with a good, targeted campaigns. So far, the appropriate action would be to neglect an important group of the population: Not only many children, a sufficient measles is lacking protection, but also the majority of 18 – to 44-Year-old. Of them, only around 40 percent against measles were vaccinated.

"This group is totally from our view geraten", criticized Schulz-ash. Particularly men in this age group are rarely at the doctor, to be informed, therefore, in other areas of life, for example in the workplace through the occupational health management or with the appropriate leaflets.

This population was explained to the group is sufficient to be a statutory mandatory vaccination unnecessary.

Hypothesis 2: parents do not miss any Vaccinations, you need no laws, but better access to vaccinations.

Currently, 97 percent of all small children already have a first vaccination. The Problem: The important second vaccination, four weeks later, will get significantly less children.

This shows a General willingness to be Vaccinated in the population, stresses Kordula Schulz-ash. She is convinced that parents would bring their children without being forced to a second doctor’s appointment, if "you easier access to vaccinations hätten". Long waiting times at the doctor might deter parents must bring a child and a career.

Schulz-ash calls: "Vaccinations should also be able to in the health office are carried out, and not only to the doctor, where the waiting times are long. It is also conceivable that a pharmacist can assume, after appropriate training, vaccinations."

Thesis 3: The vaccination undermines the right to self-determination.

My body belongs to me, say opponents. You want to decide yourself, whether you are with a vaccination and the potential risks associated with vaccination are associated – for example, redness and swelling at the injection site or fever, and in some cases, the Vaccination can occur.

In extremely rare cases, vaccinations can cause severe side effects, such as a disease of the nervous system or an allergic reaction. The risk of a lack of protection is much higher than the risk of permanent damage, but opponents of the vaccination the decision, this albeit very low risk.

Schulz-ash warns, however: "In many areas, I’m all for self-determination. But in the case of infectious diseases, we need to regulate the preservation of the public health." To Not go to the expense of the self-determination of the Individual. No feature in a modern society in which the freedom of a Person is for the good of the community through a variety of laws restrict – about the "Freiheit", driving with 200 km/h through the city.