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The States can in the fight against the Corona of a pandemic on the step to decide the Opening of the public life now largely on their own responsibility. New decisions are added, the last mostly in the individual Federal States. Here is the current state (10. June) of the relaxations in the countries in some selected areas of life, for example, catering, contact, rules, as well as school and day-care centres.

Important: The relaxations take place, as a rule, subject to conditions, such as distance and hygiene regulations. In addition, the Covenant shall continue to apply to wide mask obligation in trade and transport.

Way out of the crisis

The new Normal – we must learn to live with the Virus

Restaurants and Bars

Baden-Württemberg: restaurants, pubs and Bars are allowed to open.

Bavaria: Restaurants are allowed to both the outdoor areas and the indoor spaces open. For Local Bars, which are aligned to the drinks, there is still no perspective.

Berlin: pubs and Bars can re-open it, guests will need to but at the tables to take a seat. Restaurants and pubs are also open. Since this Wednesday is no limit to the Hours any more.

Brandenburg: Restaurants able to open the Bars remain closed.

Bremen: Restaurant and pub visits are possible. It is a counter to apply a ban, a seat and adjustment of duty. Bars – in the sense of one-room facilities with bar – will remain closed.

Hamburg: Restaurants are open, an Opening of Bars is checked.

Hesse: restaurants and Bars are open, required is a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between guests.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: the Restaurants are open. Bars and pubs are allowed to from 15. June open the door.

Lower Saxony: Restaurants and Bars are open. Are exempt hookah Bars.

North Rhine-Westphalia: the Restaurants are open. Bars have to remain closed, will be decided in individual cases on the spot.

Rhineland-Palatinate: restaurants and Bars, are allowed, subject to conditions to open. Since Wednesday, the permitted opening Hours to be extended – latest closing time is 24 hours and not 22: 30.

Saarland: Restaurants and pubs are allowed to open it again. Among other things, the staff mouth have to wear protection, the pubs have to close at 23.

Saxony: Restaurants and Bars are allowed to open.

Saxony-Anhalt: All Restaurants and Bars are allowed to open it again.

Schleswig-Holstein: Restaurants and Bars can open.

Thuringia: Restaurants and Bars can open.

Hotels and apartments

Baden-Württemberg: apartments and campsites can open it again, as well as Hotels.

Bavaria: Hotels, holiday apartments and camping sites are permitted to re-open except for the Spa areas.

Berlin: Hotels, holiday apartments and camping sites can open.

Brandenburg: holiday apartments and Hotels are allowed to accommodate guests. Also campsites are open.

Bremen: Hotels and apartments may not open the campsites as well.

Hamburg: Hotels, holiday apartments and campsites may not accommodate guests.

Hessen: Hotels and apartments can open the door, campsites open your gates.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: Hotels and apartments are open. The same applies to campsites.

Niedersachsen: holiday cottages and campsites are open. Hotels may only be used with a maximum of 80 percent capacity utilization operated.

Nordrhein-Westfalen: Hotels, holiday apartments and camping sites can open the door.

Rheinland-Pfalz: hotel must for tourists to open the apartments re-rented. Also campsites are open again.

Saarland: Hotels, holiday apartments and campsites must for the tourism open.

Saxony: Hotels, camping sites and apartments can open.

Saxony-Anhalt: holiday apartments can open the Hotels and camping sites also.

Schleswig-Holstein: apartments, Hotels and camping places are allowed to open.

Thuringia: Hotels, camping places and apartments may not open the door.

Pools and leisure parks

Baden-Württemberg: leisure parks and baths may open.

Bavaria: amusement parks, free baths and swimming pool Outdoor plants are allowed to open.

Berlin: open-air pools can open. Larger theme parks, there is not.

Brandenburg: leisure, parks and open baths can re-open.

Bremen: The first free baths open 15. June should be bathrooms in the submission of a hygiene concept in General, open. Larger theme parks, there is not.

Hamburg: outdoor pools may, subject to conditions to re-open. Hamburg has no major amusement parks.

Hesse: free baths, and the lake may 15. June for the General public open. Courses and club training are already possible. Theme parks can re-open.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: free baths may open, indoor and fun pools, are currently limited for the Association of sports and swimming courses open. From the age of 15. June may come back again all swimming guests. Amusement parks will open again.

Lower Saxony: outdoor pools, indoor pools, and amusement parks may re open.

North Rhine-Westphalia: pools are allowed to open, the minimum clearance also applies in the swimming pool. Amusement parks may let in visitors.

Rhineland-Palatinate: free baths can no longer open it again, since Wednesday also other swimming pools and amusement parks.

Saarland: swimming pools are allowed subject to conditions, to re-open. Theme parks will be allowed to receive visitors.

Saxony: pools and leisure parks are allowed to open unless they have an approved hygiene concept. Indoor swimming pools can be open, if the municipalities have approved the concept of Hygiene.

Saxony-Anhalt: pools and leisure parks allowed to re-open. Also, indoor pools are allowed to open when spacing rules and hygiene requirements are met.

Schleswig-Holstein: outdoor pools, and amusement parks can re-open. With a suitable hygiene concept also indoor swimming pools will be allowed to receive guests.

Thuringia: outdoor pools can be open, as theme parks – as long as it’s not Fair-or Similar events is. From the 13. In June, the visit of indoor swimming pools as well as spas and saunas is possible, provided there is in each case a infection protection concept was approved.

From AKK to Merkel

Without a mask, without a distance: politicians-missteps in the corona of a crisis

Contact provisions

Baden-Württemberg: the Public may now re-groups with members from up to two households, or of up to ten individuals from multiple households to meet. Private events may take up to 20 people from several households – that is, if all people are related to each other, there is no numerical limitation.

Bayern: It can be used both in private as also in public space, several members of the two households meet.

Berlin: in addition to members of two households can also back up to five people at home or in the open meeting. This is true regardless of the question of whether you live together or not.

Brandenburg: Two households, or up to ten people are allowed to be together. Private parties up to 50 persons is possible. The rules are applicable for indoors and outdoors.

Bremen: There can be several members from two households in the public space meet. In enclosed spaces events with a maximum of 20 persons are possible, when the concept of Hygiene is present. In the case of events in the garden, on the plot or similarly enclosed, Outdoor spaces, the limit is 50 people. For both cases the limiting is canceled “Two-household” rule.

Hamburg: Up to ten members of two households must meet again, without a minimum distance of 1.50 meters to comply with.

Hesse: In the public space of may as of Thursday, up to ten people meet, regardless of the number of households.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Up to ten people to a number of households are allowed again in public places to meet.

Lower Saxony: There may be members of two households in the Public meetings.

North Rhine-Westphalia: groups with up to ten people are allowed in the Free meeting.

Rhineland-Palatinate: From now on, may be up to ten people, regardless of the number of households meeting.

Saarland: meetings of up to ten people are allowed in restaurants.

Saxony: It can be two stands meet. Also Meet with up to ten people are allowed – both inside and out. In a restaurant or a rented room for up to 50 people, may meet with the family to celebrate.

Saxony-Anhalt: Up to ten people can meet to private parties are allowed to up to 20 guests invited to be.

Schleswig-Holstein: meetings of up to ten individuals, both in the private as in the public space are permitted.

Thuringia: From the 13. June there are no contact restrictions. However, a new basic regulation, it is recommended to meet with a household or with a maximum of ten people.

Deutsche Bahn

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Fitness studios and sports halls

Baden-Württemberg: fitness studios are allowed to re-open. Also sports clubs are allowed to re-train in halls.

Bavaria: fitness studios and Indoor sports facilities may re-open.

Berlin: fitness studios may, subject to conditions and groups of up to twelve people in gyms exercising again.

Brandenburg: fitness studios, gymnasiums and sports halls in compliance with the spacing and hygiene rules open the door.

Bremen: sports halls and fitness studios are allowed under certain conditions to re-open.

Hamburg: sports halls, Fitness and sports studios, yoga studios, dance schools, and Indoor playgrounds permitted subject to constraints re-open.

Hesse: clubs may, subject to conditions in halls, workout, fitness studios are open. Also a competitive sport is under certain conditions possible again.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: fitness studios may open their doors. Also, club sport is allowed to be operated in enclosed spaces.

Lower Saxony: sports halls is in compliance with the minimum clearances allowed again. This also applies to fitness studios.

North Rhine-Westphalia: fitness studios are open. Club sports in the halls is only possible to a limited extent.

Rhineland-Palatinate: fitness studios are allowed to re-open, also club sports in the halls is subject to conditions, possible again.

Saarland: sports in the halls is subject to conditions allowed in the fitness Studio and club sports.

Saxony: fitness studios are open, club sports is also in the hall is allowed.

Saxony-Anhalt: fitness studios are allowed to open it again, sports in the halls is allowed. Prohibited competitions, spectators and, more generally, contact sports such as wrestling to stay.

Schleswig-Holstein: fitness studios are allowed to open, and clubs are also in areas of training.

Thuringia: fitness studios are allowed to re-open clubs can in halls return.


Baden-Württemberg: meetings are allowed, with conditions, to the position of the infection protection – for example, to intervals or maximum numbers of participants.

Bavaria: About demonstrations in the specific case decided. Places of Assembly must provide enough space for the minimum distance.

Berlin: For demonstrations, there is no limit on the number of participants is more.

Brandenburg: demonstrations with up to 150 participants are allowed.

Bremen: meetings need to be displayed and infection protection by the authorities is prohibited, limited or subject to certain conditions to be.

Hamburg: large gatherings are prohibited, under the open sky can exceptions be approved.

Hesse: Are subject to conditions allowed. In principle, events for up to 100 persons no longer need to be approved in principle, if a Hygiene and distance concept.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: demonstrations and Outdoor events with up to 150 participants allowed. From the age of 15. June should be allowed to participate for up to 300 people.

Lower Saxony: Demos under the open sky without exception approval to take place.

North Rhine-Westphalia: demonstrations are generally allowed in compliance with the spacing rules and a maximum number of participants, calculated on the total area.

Rhineland-Palatinate: demonstrations are subject to conditions, is possible.

Saarland: assemblies within the meaning of the law on assemblies under the open sky, under special conditions permitted, so need to about the Hygiene and distance requirements are met.

Saxony: rallies are no longer on a certain number of participants is limited.

Saxony-Anhalt: demonstrations are possible, if the authority Meeting, together with the Department of health allowed. A lump sum limit for participants, there is not.

Schleswig-Holstein: gatherings are prohibited, exceptions are possible.

Thuringia: demonstrations without restrictions on the number of participants are possible.

The start of school in Germany

Schools to make again – so to succeed in the individual Federal States

Schools and nurseries

Baden-Württemberg: in the middle of June to all students, at least temporarily, again in the presence of instruction. The day-care centres are due to open by the end of June completely. So far, more than 50 percent of the children, the visit normally, the device may be simultaneously taken care of.

Bavaria: According to the Ministry of education was before the Pentecost holidays, about half of all vintages back to the schools, in the middle of June to all students the week to go to school. From 1. July should also be allowed to all children in kindergartens and nurseries.

Berlin: From the age of 15. June to begin operation in the day-care centres, the return to the rule, from the 22. June should be the care of all children in the full extent. All of the students currently have classes, but only partially in the school. After the end of the summer holidays at 7. August to return the schools to a normal operation.

Brandenburg: From the age of 15. June to open day-care centres for all children, the schools are on holiday after the end of the summer on 10. August return to regular operation.

Bremen: From the age of 15. or the 22. June starts at day-care centres and primary schools in Bremen is a restricted control operation, Bremerhaven is still waiting.

Hamburg: All students at least once per week teaching in the school. 18. June to may in a restricted all the children, the operation of the day care centers to visit.

Hesse: day care centers go back into the restricted normal mode. The teaching at the schools has started to step way back. In the primary schools starts on the 22. June back to the normal classroom teaching.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: The students return already gradually in the schools. Day-care centres are open again for all children. After the end of the summer holidays at the beginning of August there is to be a reliable and daily lessons for all students.

Lower Saxony: The day-care centres to 22. June for all the children open. The students are to return to from the 15. June to have all the vintages back to teaching in the schools.

North Rhine-Westphalia: All kindergarten children be cared for – but with less hours per week than normal. Students receive daily classroom instruction, all elementary school children are from the age of 15. June a day to go to school.

Rhineland-Palatinate: The teaching has gradually re-started, all of the students until mid-June, at least temporarily, to go back to school. The day-care centres open to all, albeit with limitations.

Saarland: In the course of June to all students, at least temporarily, back to school return. Kindergartens have resumed limited operation.

Saxony: Saxony, day-care centres and primary schools in the restricted control operation for all the children to open. Students in secondary schools should at least partly be taught again in the schools.

Saxony-Anhalt: day-care centres and schools return to a regular operation. Up to the 15. June will come again, all primary school children to school every day.

Schleswig-Holstein: For several generations, has the teaching already started. All elementary school students be taught daily in the classroom. As a rule, in all schools after the summer holidays, with the new school year will be held on 10 operating. August re-start. In nurseries, a reduced rule is operating.

Thuringia: In all daycare centers is limited to regular operation. All students can participate in a customized classroom. From the age of 15. June to open kindergartens and schools on a daily basis for all children.

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