Four pages of the letter to the Chancellor. The special feature is that 38 politicians have signed it, you have to sit for the CDU, CSU, SPD, FDP, the greens and the Left party in The Bundestag. All the groups you have formulated a concern: Angela Merkel is personally requested for the comprehensive workup of the Case, “Duogynon” in Germany.

The hormone drugs, manufactured by Schering AG and later manufacturer Bayer taken over by a Pharma – was used between 1950 and 1981 in the Federal Republic of Germany and many other countries a million times as a pregnancy test and for the treatment of menstrual disorders. Duogynon has been used systematically as an abortifacient, and as a morning-after pill miss. Many women who have taken Duogynon, gave birth to children with severe deformities to the world. “Duogynon write is suspected, while taking in early pregnancy, severe embryonic image of miss to have caused”, the deputies. There is a clear Similarity to the case of “Contergan/thalidomide.” The big difference is that the case “Duogynon” is not worked up until today.

The star reported for the first time in 1978 under the title “Thousands of children complain of” over Duogynon and the damage. In the year 2010 made André the summer, with malformations in the world had come, his case in the star publicly. His mother had taken Duogynon, as a pregnancy test. At the time of his birth, his bladder was on the outside of the body. 15 operations he had to endure. He lives until today with an artificial bladder exit.

In 1978, reports the star of malformations in children whose mothers take the medication. But it was only in 1981, the product disappeared from the German market.

The 43-year-old teacher from the Allgäu region in Germany founded an interest group that now has around 100 Affected regularly replacing. Overall, in Germany, more than 600 people have been harmed by Duogynon. Pharma multi, Bayer refuses until today to engage in a conversation with the person Concerned. André the summer, had sued the group two Times, he lost each Time, because of the Statute of limitations. The fight seemed to be a long futile. The Initiative of the politician, co-ordinated by Martina Stamm-Fibich (SPD), and Stephan Pilsinger (CSU), it could change.

Affected require reclamation

Your concerns: A reappraisal, similar to this currently in the UK is carried out. Here Duogynon was marketed under the name “Primodos”. On behalf of the Prime Minister, Theresa May, the case will be investigated there, the group writes in Merkel. The Federal Ministry of health to reject a separate workup of the Case Duogynon in Germany at the moment, unfortunately. Justified this attitude with the Lack of safe scientific evidence of a causal link between ingestion in pregnancy and malformations in the scientific sense of the word. But: absence of evidence does not prove that there is no evidence, find the politicians.

In addition, there is a lot of open questions and a variety of evidence of misconduct of the manufacturer and to employees of the then Federal health office (BGA). “In particular, it is about the violation of their duty of Neutrality. Schering-documents in the holdings of the state archives of Berlin suggest that on serious notes on an existing deformity risk neither from the manufacturer nor from the Authorities adequately to respond.” On the contrary, There is clear evidence of a covert cooperation of the manufacturer and the BGA with the declared goal is to prevent a withdrawal from the Market of Duogynon or to procrastinate.

The decision on the further destiny of the people is now the Chancellor.