You know the principle, rather of Fast Food Restaurants: Drive-in customers will be served in the car. But the growing end of the Coronavirus also demands from the health system, in new directions. Some doctor’s offices now offer a “Drive-in Tests”. So people with Coronavirus to be treated-suspected-efficient and other patients are protected. First, the “oberhessische Presse had reported” on the measure.

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The four Doctors of a community of practice in Marburg to test patients who are afraid to have with the new type of Virus infected on the farm. You have to take a nasopharyngeal swab, with which it can be determined whether someone is infected by the Virus. A prior registration by telephone is required. Similar in concept to a medical care centre in Uppercase followed-Gerau, in Hesse, Germany. In the state, twelve Coronavirus cases have occurred so far.

Coronavirus: Many doctor’s offices are overloaded

It is first and foremost a precautionary measure, said Dr Ulrike Kretschmann from Marburg: “So, we minimize the risk that the practice contaminated rooms, other patients.” The Physicians and physician assistants themselves are to be protected in this way. “It needs to be fast, uncomplicated and for all, if possible without risk – not least for ourselves,” explains Kretschmann, the requirements of the procedure.

Many Doctors are experiencing an Overload of their practices to cases because the regular disease, many patients that are concerned about the Coronavirus. For relief and protection and that of other patients, the kassenärztliche bundesvereinigung (KBV) employer has already asked to waive up to six days of absence on a sick message. KBV head Andreas streets also warned strongly against unnecessary office visits because of the Coronavirus: “Extensive testing of clinically Healthy is medical nonsense.” Even if someone had heard the self of the suspicion on Corona, “then he should run somewhere”.

Sources: “Oberhessische Presse” / “Mannheimer Morgen”

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