A couple from Oregon and one of the repeatedly criticized Impfgegnern and also has his six year old son is not vaccinated. Not even against Tetanus – the dangerous tetanus. As the Boy fell while Playing on a farm, and a laceration to the head he suffered, he became infected with this. The parents had cleaned the wound of your child only and not to the doctor. A little later, the Boy suddenly got cramps, a stiff neck and could not open the mouth to drink. Then the breathing continued.

The consequence: a suffering child, and high cost

The six-year-old came to the hospital and was transferred immediately to the intensive care unit. Here, he would have the whole 47 days. The convulsions in Tetanus are aggravated by external stimuli. So the Little one was lying in a darkened room, with headphones on the ears. That helped but only to a limited extent he suffered, but muscle spasms, pain, hypertension, tachycardia, and a fever of more than 40 degrees Celsius.

This condition would easily have been avoided. In the USA, a Dose of vaccine against Tetanus costs about $ 20. The treatment of the six-year-old, first in ICU, then a further ten days in a normal room, and afterwards in a rehab facility, which amounts now to about $ 800,000. Whether the parents are sufficiently insured, is not known – in the USA, you would have to pay otherwise private for the cost. As the US health authorities CDG reports, would refuse the boy’s parents but continue to have him vaccinated.

It comes only rarely to diseases

Because almost all people are vaccinated against Tetanus, it is a rare disease. Especially in the case of children who receive the vaccination, mostly in kindergarten age. Affects more older adults who have forgotten, the vaccination to refresh – this should happen every ten years.