The man is as young as the length of his telomeres are the protective caps at the Ends of chromosomes. With every cell division, they are no longer shorter until the cells divide and increase in iron. Certain measures to keep this wear, however, and lengthen telomeres.

Recommendations for health and a long life, there are any quantity of vitamins, antioxidants, proper diet, sports, stress reduction, friendship, and a loving partnership. At first glance, they have very different approaches. However, there is probably not a single generally valid denominator for all who decides about our health and life expectancy: the length of our telomeres.

The length of the Telomere decreases with the years

What are telomeres? It is the Ends of our chromosomes, the genetic material of the threads. Be measured, these end caps in DNS units (base pairs). Such as newborns have pairs of a telomere length of about 10,000 base, a 40-Year-old, already a third less, a more than 60-Year-old, only half of the amount at birth. Because with each cell division, the telomeres become a little shorter, per division of 30 to 200 base pairs.

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Why long telomeres, life is so important to the &quot are;Fuses of the Todes"

The base pairs of the telomeres are used up, the telomeres so only briefly, will not share the cell. The Chromosomes can now bond with each other and the cell vergreist, so to speak. All of the mechanisms in the body that have to do with renewal, repair and Recycling to be weaker and dry up completely. The external signs: skin cells and pigment cells in the hairs die off, the skin is wrinkled, hair is white, the vision is no longer decreases, the mucous membranes are working optimally. The aging process is accelerated, typical diseases of old age set in. Sometimes telomeres are therefore also referred to as “a fuse to the death”.

Much more positive, but also aptly, the comparison of Telomeres the protective caps of the laces. These caps prevent the laces from unraveling. This fixed the Laces are very long, the laces, for a long time intact, as is the case with Telomeres and chromosomes.

Genetically due to short telomeres can grow

The length of the telomeres, which says something about the overall mortality and the risk of diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and cancer, as studies show.

Long telomeres are thus associated with health, performance, and youthfulness, as many studies in the last ten years have shown. In this context, not only the length but also the structure of telomeres, however, seems to play a role, as a recent study shows.

How long are telomeres and how quickly they are used up, however, is not the same for everyone. Both properties are anchored genetically. Short telomeres have to be no fate, because everyone have something to do to entertain his telomeres and to maintain and even grow.

Telomerase, the Janus-faced elixir of Youth of telomeres

How the shortening of telomeres and even reverse could finish, has discovered the molecular biologist Liz Blackburn. The Nobel prize winner, discovered an enzyme that caused the telomeres to grow back. Accordingly, they called it “Telomerase”, because it produces telomeres are regenerated, and even new.

Telomerase form our cells, however, also with increasing age, less and less. In old age, this process comes to a standstill. Thus, the question of whether or not artificial Telomerase as a medicine to extend life, and serious diseases could protect ensures. However, this dream of an elixir of Youth could be a trip to the horror, because Telomerase has a shadow side: Artificially, you could promote uncontrolled cell growth, i.e. cancer. Studies show that in most cancer cells Telomerase is especially active. This finding, however, could be a way to new cancer therapies that specifically inhibit, in cancer cells the Telomerase.

What can shorten telomeres dramatically – the “enemies” of the telomeres

Is, up to now, however, Telomerase is the fountain no young. But there are ways to keep up with simple life style changes to telomeres as intact as possible. This means, to avoid the “main enemies” of the telomeres. These are, among other things,

  • Inflammation
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Insulin resistance

In addition to these factors, the mind also plays a very important role that telomeres shorten rapidly, Telomerase is no longer formed in the right amount. Stress, anxiety, and especially traumatic experiences in Childhood can gobble telomeres downright waste. Thus, a British study shows that adults who have had to experience in Childhood particularly many traumatic events, have relatively shorter telomeres than people who were allowed to grow up without those pressures. “The decryption of aging: The telomere-effect” of Nobel prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn – buy Now at Amazon!

Good for the telomeres – seven care tips

The past cannot be change. However, in the presence of everyone can optimize a lot to do for its telomeres, even lengthen again, so that his health and a long life without disease to worry about. The following measures may help and have demonstrated their positive effect on the telomeres in a number of studies:

1. Stop Smoking, avoid passive Smoking

Smoking makes you old and sick, is not known. Now also one of the causes is this, viz., the connection between Smoking and premature wear and tear of the telomeres. Smoking is by far the biggest risk factor for irregularities of Telomerase and short Telomeres with the negative impacts for each cell.

2. Stress, Depression and reduce anxiety – mindfulness exercise

Psychological, of sustained pressure and, in particular, Depression and shortened telomeres, in addition to smoke is particularly strong.

Relaxation, deceleration and a change-over from Gruebel in the Here-and-now mode, are therefore important. In addition to professional help, mindfulness exercises can be helpful, such as this breathing exercise:

1. Sit upright, close the eyes, breathe slowly in and out. Ask yourself: “What thoughts I have now, what I feel now?” To leave everything, even disturbing, and practice mindfulness.

2. You now focus on your breathing, breathe deeply and long. This breathing is like an anchor that gives them any inner peace, and therefore serves the collection.

3. They can sense the quiet Breathing aware of your body as a Whole – toes, legs, back, arms, hands, face, and release tension, and feel this expansion of consciousness with all the senses.

3. The best Sport for a very long telomeres

The body produces known free radicals, the oxidative Stress of exercise, which can damage cells and the telomeres shorten. Also environmental conditions such as pollutants in the air, as well as habits such as Smoking lead to the body being flooded with free Radicals. Sport is the ideal measure to reduce oxidative Stress and to extend the telomeres proven, as studies show. Doing moderate aerobic endurance sports is helpful, such as slow Jogging, Cycling or Swimming. Particularly effective seem to be three times per week for 45 minutes.

4. Long sleep, long telomeres

Also sleep affects the length of telomeres. Studies indicate that more than seven hours of sleep in connection with long Telomeres, a shorter sleep duration with shorter DNA strand-caps. What must not be forgotten: Many who complain of sleep disturbance, create a poor sleeping environment, because they have a habit, in bed on your Smartphone or Tablet to stare, or to let the TV lull. The emitted blue light disrupts the production of the sleep hormone Melatonin is particularly strong and therefore makes an unnatural sound. Therefore, these devices from the bedroom to banish, even when you switch on easy on the eyes yellow light is still a light source, which can prevent falling asleep.

5. Slimming, especially on the belly

To simply reduce weight could have on the length of the telomeres, no, a good or even bad influence. Here, the Study is contradictory. Clearly she is against it, when it comes to belly fat. It is therefore important to check your waist-to-hip ratio (THQ), and less on the BMI. The THQ is calculated from the circumference of the waist divided by circumference of the hips. He should not be in women over 0.85 and for men above 1.0.

Waist fat is associated with shorter Telomeres, as studies suggest. Belly fat is known to increase the risk for metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance, is a precursor for type 2 Diabetes. Now it is also well established that short telomeres promote the development of type 2 Diabetes, also there are studies.

6. The best diet for long telomeres

You do not have to count calories and not carbohydrates. However, you should eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to get antioxidants. They rely primarily on food, the anti-impact and highly flammable, such as blueberries, Apples, broccoli, tomatoes, and onions. Cheap Omega-3 fatty acids, contained in oily fish, but also nuts and leaf vegetables. Studies indicate that the telomeres shorten over the years, the less, the higher the Omega-3 fatty acid levels in the blood.

And how it looks with tobacco and telomere length? While smaller studies indicate that coffee probably has a positive impact, for alcohol is the opposite – at least for regular high consumption. Is associated with short Telomeres.

7. Maintain good social contacts, especially with the neighbors

A good neighbour is worth Gold and good for every cell, because the neighbourhood quality is according to studies with longer Telomeres and a higher life expectancy. Cohesion, harmony and tolerance are important in this context. Take into account that perhaps in the cases before you allow yourself to get carried away prematurely in unnecessary dispute with neighbors.