There are many dietary recommendations that help prevent acne, or, in contrast, are designed to help circulate. Through studies, the least of these tips are documented. Remedy French scientists have proven now, what many people suspected already for a long time: In the magazine "JAMA Dermatology" you tell that sugary drinks, energy-rich food, and milk with the appearance of acne are related.

The researchers placed the dietary habits of nearly 25,000 participants, with the Occurrence of acne in a relationship. They found a connection with the consumption of energy-dense food like chocolate or cake: One Serving a day increased the acne risk by about 50 percent. Soft drinks increased the likelihood for acne to 18 percent, and milk by more than 10 percent. A total of energy-rich dietary pattern with a lot of fat and sugar was also present with acne in conjunction.

For the study, data from the NutriNet-Santé study, have been used since 2009 as a Web-based study will be conducted. The participants gave online information about your eating habits and whether they were currently or previously in acne. Although self-reported errors are for the food is often tainted, and the acne at a third of the participants had not been confirmed by a doctor, speak the results that the current official nutritional are entitled to recommendations. Who is plagued by acne, you can try it with a less energy-rich diet without the soft drinks and less dairy products.