When a woman becomes pregnant, she has to give up a lot of things, both big and small: Raw sushi, an excess of caffeine, getting tattooed, relaxing in the hot tub, her boobs as she’s always known them, fresh squeezed juice, alcohol and recreational drugs, most kinds of exercise, soft cheese and lunch meat, sleeping on her back, most spa and beauty treatments, smoked seafood, not to mention her entire f—king body, which is warped to make space for a literal living being who enters the world by coming out of her vagina and becomes a bystander to all kinds of uncomfortable sensations like lightening crotch, a never-ending need to pee, and sensory reactivity — including sensitivity to scents.

So when this dad-to-be hopped on Reddit to complain about his nightly whiskey drinking continually making his pregnant wife vomit, you can imagine that other Redditors didn’t have a single iota of sympathy for his man-baby whining. In fact, every single response dragged him to filth for his idiotic inquiry about if he could possibly be the a—hole in this situation, because it’s so painfully obvious that, YES, he absolutely is.

The man-child writes, “My wife (29f) is four months pregnant and cannot stand the smell of alcohol even the smallest whiff from your breath or clothes will send her spewing. I (31m) love whiskey in the evening time. I would drink a glass, proceed to brush and use mouthwash so my wife doesn’t barf on me when she sees me.”

He continues, somehow confused, “Yet, she runs away from me whenever I’m even a metre away because she claims she can still smell it from a mile away. We haven’t even kissed at night due to this and I have tried everything to eliminate the whiskey smell. Yet, she still believes she can smell the faint whiskey, which makes her lose it completely.”

Do you like how he writes “she believes she can smell the faint whiskey,” like she’s making it up for funsies or to intentionally rain on his whiskey parade? The a—hole vibes are radiating with the force of a thousand suns.

The ignorant dad-to-be continues, “A couple days ago, I changed my clothes, showered after it and told her that ‘I promise the smell is gone,’ she proceeds to hug me and quickly runs to the bathroom… to vomit. She comes back to tell me that ‘she isn’t coming near me at night until this baby comes out.’ Proceeds to tell me that she was ‘right’ and that ‘I am being inconsiderate to her introduction to motherhood.’ Even though I think I am being overly considerate and trying my best to get rid of this ‘whiskey scent’ that she can apparently smell from a mile away.”

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