There were a few three-word phrases many of us didn’t love hearing growing up: “Clean your room,” “I said so,” and “Mother knows best” topped the list. It wasn’t necessarily because we were ungrateful; we just wanted to figure things out ourselves. (Even that’s a testament to our parents giving us opportunities to feel independent!) Still, our mamas stuck by us through all of our phases — from lovable toddler sidekick to angsty, emo teen (guilty!) to much more mature adults — and continued to shower us with their love and their best motherly advice. Some tidbits, such as “a clean space is a productive space” and “brush your hair before leaving the house” were small, but useful reminders to invest in self-care routines. Other tips, like “trust in yourself,” resonated more deeply and helped shape who we are.

While making our beds still doesn’t rank as our favorite activity, many of us at SheKnows and StyleCaster have grown to appreciate our moms’ words of wisdom. Below, we’ve gathered some of our favorite pieces of advice from our mothers.

Expand your mind, expand your world

Stay fresh

Don’t fret about them

Flaunt what Your mama gave you

“Stay blonde, and wear a padded bra.”

Ashley Britton, Graphic Designer, SheKnows

The Best Way to the Heart is Through the Stomach

Pragmatism at its finest

Follow your dreams

Everything will be just fine

“The best advice from my mom? Was advice from her mom: ‘Oh, honey. This too shall pass.’”

Jennifer Mattern, Parenting & Entertainment Writer, SheKnows

Know your worth

“My mother taught me so many excellent lessons, like the benefits of washing my face every night and why it’s important to follow through with commitments, even if they’re no fun. (We had a sign in our bathroom that read, ‘Put on your big girl panties, and deal with it.’ I still regularly think of that advice.)

But the most significant wisdom my mom ever shared with me was to find my confidence, value myself, and fight for my dreams. Without her support and encouragement, I may never have found my voice or given a career in writing a real shot. I’m forever grateful for her love, and, I know I’ll pass her teachings along now that I’m about to be a mother to twins.”

Madison Medeiros, Parenting Writer, SheKnows

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