Nobody knows how to do it all like moms. We are the crying shoulder, the sage advice, the holiday magic. We know how to fix up boo-boos and get the kids to school on time, all while juggling work demands and maintaining a social life (even if that just means responding to texts every now and then). Moms work hard — but we’re exhausted too! Meghan Trainor recently captured this universal mom feeling in her song “Superwoman” from her new album, Taking It Back, and it’s so damn relatable.

In the song, Trainor sings, “There’s only one of me and I can’t do it all. Call me Superwoman, but I know I’m not that strong…Bein’ a Superwoman, smilin’ through the pain. Even heroes cry, so why can’t I?”

It’s an incredibly vulnerable look at the normally upbeat pop singer, who is now a mom to son Riley, 1, with husband Daryl Sabara. In a new interview with Audacy Check In, the “All About That Bass” singer revealed she wrote her song with Dan Wilson (who wrote “Someone Like You” by Adele), with one goal in mind: help moms feel less alone.

“We were just chatting for two hours, he wanted to get to know me, and I was like honestly I keep getting interviewed and they’re like ‘Wow, you’re a Superwoman, you’re so confident and happy and successful, what’s it like?’” Trainor told the outlet. “And I was like ‘gee on my end it feels like I’ve been crying a lot,’ and I was like I feel like I’m Superwoman that had a bad day… So I wanted to write that in a song.”

Trainor said that they “nailed it,” adding, “And I hope all momma’s and momma’s-to-be hear it and know that they’re not alone.”

Ironically, starting this conversation about how hard motherhood is makes her a Superwoman in our book. It’s nice to see celebrity moms talking about how hard raising tiny humans can be!

Trainor also opened up about the inspiration behind hit “Made You Look,” which has to do with her struggle with body image after becoming a mom.

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“My therapist wants me to look at myself naked more, and that’s hard to do after having a baby,” Trainor told Audacy. “I wanted to write what my husband explained to me. I’ll feel my ugliest and grungiest, and he’ll be like, ‘You are so beautiful’, and I wanted to put that in a song and believe it. So I was like, I could wear the fancy clothes that they put me in as a popstar, but when I have nothing on my husband still looks and is like ‘damn girl!’ — so that’s ‘Made You Look.’”

Last week, Trainor was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where she said she was “way better” at writing songs now that she’s a mom.

“Everything is way more important, you know?” she said. “I have like a big fear of death, and now it’s just times a thousand. But I’m like, everything means so much more. And you can hear that in my lyrics. It’s not sad, it’s happy!” she clarified at the end.

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Trainor likes to keep things fun, too, and often shares pictures of her red-headed toddler. On Halloween, she dressed up as a zookeeper with Riley as a cute little lion with a huge grin on his face.

From the smiling moments to the stressful mornings and everything in between, motherhood is a wild ride. But Trainor is handling it with grace and inspiring other moms along the way!

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