If you’re taking a minute to read this with your baby nearby, odds are a sense of mom guilt might be creeping in. But wait! Before you put the phone down and rush toward your baby, let this clip from Jeannie Mai Jenkins’ show, Hello Hunnay, be a lesson in why it can sometimes be a good thing to step back (physically and/or metaphorically) from your child.

In the video, Jenkins stares straight-faced at her 1-year-old daughter, Monaco, who is sitting safely in her car seat. Dr. Cyndie Hatcher, MD, (AKA Dr. Cyndie), a pediatrician in Boston who Jenkins has worked with before, explains what happens as Monaco realizes her mom is not playing with her.

“She’s giving those playful cues like she did before. She’s kicking her feet, she’s smiling, she’s waiting for, ‘Hey mom, do what you did before. We were playing, right?’”

As Jenkins continues to not engage, baby Monaco — who is probably still relishing in the fun of being her mom’s adorable plus one to the Miss Universe pageant — starts to get agitated. You can see her face turn into a pout, and she makes a sad little coo.

Though we don’t see it in the video, Dr. Cyndie explains that once Jenkins started playing with Monaco again, the baby “joined back into that emotional connection.”

“Right back into it!” Jenkins agreed.

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