World Earth Day 2019: Pick up these books to learn about burrowing owls, whooping cranes, a lost tiger cub in Bandhavgarh and a real-life rescue operation to save pandas in the wild.

Earth Day 2019: From woolly monkeys to a missing tiger cub, these books will open up a world of amazing creatures for your child.

The Case of the Missing Tiger Cub: A Forest Adventure by Kalpana Subramanian and Prashant Miranda (Age: 7+)

In a story that celebrates India’s forests and sends the message of wildlife conservation, young heroes rescue a tiger cub that has gone missing from Bandhavgarh. Published by Goodearth Books

Salim Mamoo and Me by Zai Whitaker (Age: 6+)

Zai, the niece of famous ‘birdman of India’ Salim Ali, finds it difficult to identify the smallest bird in a Bombay. With everyone in her family a birding expert, this is a humorous tale of childhood that informs and entertains, with illustrations by Prabha Mallya that bring alive an erstwhile bird-filled Bombay. Published by Tulika

The Woolly Monkey Mysteries: The Quest to Save a Rain Forest Species by Sandra Markle (Age: 8+)

In the Amazon Basin, two species of woolly monkeys frolic in the 150-foot tall trees. Join your kids as scientists learn more about these animals, through mounted cameras, and how they are integral to the survival of the rain forest. You can scan the QR code to see and listen to the monkeys.

Camp Panda: Helping Cubs Return to the Wild by Catherine Thimmesh (Age 10+)

In the last 40 years, the panda population has shrunk to half its size, due to poaching, loss of habitat and effects of climate change. A thousand years ago, nearly 23,000 pandas roamed wild in their native China. Now, humans in panda costumes are teaching baby pandas how to survive in the wild. Watch the photos and learn more about this beautiful creature.

Hoot by Carl Hiassen (Age: 9+)

As Roy tries to trace a mystery runner, the chase introduces him to several unique Floridian creatures, such as potty-trained alligators, some cute burrowing owls and snakes with sparkly tails, while trying to save endangered owls, with two other kids.

Almost Gone: The World’s Rarest Animals by Steve Jenkins (Age: 4+)

You’ve probably never come across a hairy-nosed wombat or a whooping crane. Get introduced to these fantastic creatures, along with your kids, with illustrations and information on endangered and extinct species as well.

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