With the excitement of Santa coming, gifts to open, and tons of holiday sweets, December truly is the most wonderful (and chaotic!) time of the year. And while giving and getting presents is fun, sometimes it’s hard for kids to remember that there is so much more to this season than what comes wrapped in a pretty package. Enter: Pentatonix, a Grammy-winning a cappella group with a new series all about holiday traditions! SheKnows has two exclusive clips of Pentatonix Around The World for the Holidays, which premieres tomorrow, Dec. 2, on Disney+!

Pentatonix is known for their amazing holiday songs like “Mary, Did You Know?”, “That’s Christmas to Me,” and “Little Drummer Boy.” In Oct. 2022, they released their sixth Christmas album, Holidays Around the World, and this series is based on it! Made up of Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, Kristin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola, Matt Sallee, and Nico Santos, Pentatonix is trying to find an inspiration for their next holiday album in this series. But while the clock is ticking, their manager accidentally locks them in a magic mailroom. There, they learn so much more about the world.

“With the help of some Disney magic, we’re soon on a whirlwind tour around the world, discovering holiday traditions and inspiration from Pentatonix fans all around the globe: from Japan to Grenada, Iceland to Ghana and Mexico,” according to the series’ official logline. “The journey leads the group to realize that wherever we find ourselves, the holidays offer the perfect opportunity to discover how much we have in common and that it really is a small world, after all!”

It’s such a cute way to learn about other cultures, holiday traditions, and the true meaning of the season with your kids. Then afterward, you can listen to their new holiday album and have a deeper appreciation for this special season.

SheKnows has two exclusive clips of Pentatonix Around The World for the Holidays. In the first one, the band travels to Iceland at the request of a kid named Eva to sing and learn about the holiday traditions there.

The little girl writes, “It’s only light for a few hours a day here. Maybe that’s why we have so many stories about the magical creatures that sneak about in the dark.” She then goes to tell the band about her favorite holiday traditions.

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