Only three days after the birth of Sandra and her Partner learned that their son Raphael trisomy 21. The diagnosis was a shock. It is a hard time was Because the Baby had holes in the heart, had to spend the family the first few weeks in the hospital. Mother and son have a close relationship – also the portrait taken by the photographer Snezhana from Büdingen from the two tells.

The 35-year-old from budingen met at a photo shoot a woman and her son with down syndrome and was fascinated by their connection. She decided to find another mother-and-child pairs and was launched in Facebook-groups calls. The response was great: Many, it was a concern to make public with the issue more visible and to reduce prejudices, says of Büdingen.

Through various studies, parents can often learn even before birth, how big the probability is that your unborn Baby with down syndrome. Not all mothers who has portrayed from Büdingen, have made use of these options. Some, because they have not reckoned with the diagnosis. Others, because they would not have aborted the Baby anyway.

And then there are people like the hotel clerk, Anja and her husband who have decided on a special way for your daughter Silke: Because the birth mother Silke didn’t want to keep, has adopted the Couple’s child.

The youngest child, photographed from Büdingen, was only a few months old, the oldest 20 years. The mothers ‘ reports in the image gallery of the unique challenges of everyday life with their sons and daughters: Many of you must constantly consult with Doctors and therapies, the partnership with parents is charged for some, or siblings of children neglected.

Ursula’t feel left alone with the promotion of your daughter, she is pleased with how inclusion in Germany is currently being implemented. The biggest challenge for Sandra is the confrontation with the authorities or the insurance company. Sylvana does not have enough time for Hobbies, social contacts, or your career. Your son needs constant supervision, because in addition to the down syndrome was diagnosed with early childhood autism.

In addition to all the difficulties which women encounter, a report of the great love to their children. So Stefanie appreciates above all the light-heartedness of her daughter Christina: “It doesn’t bother you what other people think. If you want to dance, then she dances in the here and now.” Calli has learned from her son, Cengiz, your perfectionist and controlled manner. And Nicole says about her seven-year-old son Gabriel: “Through him, I’m grown and I could not imagine life without him.”

From budingen the mothers invited their children from various Parts of Germany into the photo Studio. The women asked you to dress similar to their children, to let them visually blend together. Aware of the photographer, photographed all in front of a neutral Background. The focus should be on the emotions of the couples and not on the establishment of a apartment.

Each shoot lasted between 40 minutes and two hours. Meanwhile, from Büdingen, no instructions, let the couples naturally interact with each other. Sometimes a looked at the camera, looked at, laughed together, cuddled or hugged. What speaks out of every photo, is a great Affection of mothers to their children. Sandra says: “Raphael is an absolute wish for a child and thus his disability, as far as the love for him is not of importance.”