Fit family! Demi Lovato’s mom, Dianna De La Garza, sat down with Us Weekly on Monday, April 22, to explain why working out with her daughters is so important to her.

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The three-time mom, who also parents Dallas Lovato, 31, and Madison De La Garza, 17,  exclusively told Us. “I do believe that there’s something about releasing endorphins and, I’m not an expert on it, but all I know is that when I am having a really bad day, if I can just get to the gym for 45 minutes, it changes my entire outlook on life. I don’t know if it’s because I’m doing something for myself for the moment or, again, the endorphins… I can’t explain it, but there’s something about just being able to go and be physical and either punch a punching bag or even walk the treadmill or even just walking to the gym, which I love to do. I put music on and it’s just something that I find really does help me physically, mentally and emotionally.”

And the Operation Parent Opens a New Window. activist, 56, isn’t the only one who shares this love — the “Confident” songstress, 26, shared a video of herself on Instagram in March 2019 during an intense boxing session where she accidentally punched out the front tooth of her trainer, Jay Glazer

“Holy s–t I literally knocked @jayglazer’s tooth out during training this morning – while he was wearing a mouth piece!!!!” she captioned the post at the time Opens a New Window. . “Hahahahaha sorry (not sorry) Jay!!! So coach, when’s my first fight?!.” 

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Based on their shared passion of hitting the gym, it’s no surprise that it’s become a family bonding experience. “One of my favorite things to do is do kickboxing either with Demi or with one of my other daughters. I’ve also worked out with Dallas on the punching bag and Madison loves dancing… so we don’t really get to punch a bag together very often and, of course, everyone is busy, but any given day I am so open to that at a moment’s notice. If somebody says, ‘Let’s go to the gym and go kick boxing,’ I’m there. I’m right there,” the Falling With Wings Opens a New Window. author shared. 

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Although the workout itself is definitely challenging, De La Garza manages to always make it a priority. “It is a hard workout without realizing how hard it is until you’re over and it’s done and then you go, an hour later, ‘I’m really sore!’ and I mean an hour later. It doesn’t take till the next day for you to get sore.”

Beyond taking care of her body, De La Garza notes taking care of your mental health is just as significant and she’s helping spread that message with Operation Parent. “I feel like so many times people feel embarrassed to talk about what’s going on with them,” she said. “When in reality, mental health affects every single one of us in one way or another, so I think the most important thing that we as a society need to keep working on… is to keep speaking about our mental health issues and making it a normal thing that we all can benefit from.”

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    Operation Parent is an organization that provides comprehensive resources and services “designed to engage parent and child alike in proactive, productive communication on today’s toughest, teen and preteen issues, ultimately resulting in better choices for tomorrow,” according to the mission statement Opens a New Window. on the foundation’s website. For more on Dianna De La Garza’s work with Operation Parent, watch the video above.

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