In a raw, emotional blog post, actor Beverley Mitchell has opened up about struggling after her recent miscarriage. The actor, who shared in November that she was devastated after miscarrying twins, wrote on her blog, Growing Up Hollywood, that she recently had a particularly rough week as she reflected on “what might have been.” It’s an understandably difficult time for Mitchell because, as she explained, two babies would be joining her family right about now if life hadn’t thrown her this painful curveball.

Mitchell and her husband share two children, five-year-old Kenzie and four-year-old Hutton, but they hoped to expand their family. “I look at our two beautiful [children] and I am so incredibly grateful but in my heart I know we are not complete, I so strongly feel there is another little soul waiting to join our family, and that is where I struggle,” the 7th Heaven star wrote. “Behind my smile, my heart just hurt! And of course the kids talk about wanting another brother or sister so that is tough.”

Mitchell made clear that she’s not asking for sympathy — rather, she wants to raise awareness about the emotional toll of a miscarriage, and her message will undoubtedly provide comfort to others who are in a similar situation. She also made the incredibly important point that it’s more than OK to be sad and honor those emotions rather than suppress them. In fact, it’s a crucial step when it comes to healing from any painful life event.

“Though last week was hard, I am grateful because I know the sadness will lift and though it was challenging, I am stronger because of it. The hardest part was allowing myself to feel SAD and be ok with NOT BEING OK,” Mitchell wrote. “Life will unfold in the magic that it is, as long as I give it the space to unfold. I have to keep the faith and trust that with time will heal.”

The actor concluded with words of advice to others who are suffering: “[K]now that it is ok to take time to feel it all. Give yourself a minute, sometimes life sucks but in the same breath life can be pure MAGIC,” she advised. “So let yourself feel, but also allow yourself to be open to the beauty and the magic too. Because in the darkness there is the beauty of the light!”

This is clearly a tough topic for Mitchell to discuss, but her message will resonate with the millions of other women who have experienced similar pain — and we give her major props for using her platform to help others.


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