New Year 2019: From running around the block with a suitcase to writing New Year letters, countries around the globe follow unique traditions to welcome the year ahead. We suggest some ways in which you can adopt these traditions and encourage your children to follow them.

Countries across the globe usher in the New Year in their own unique way. The traditions vary from one culture to another, of course, but all of them are meant to forget the sorrows and hardships of the past and welcome the coming year with hope and happiness. So, this New Year’s Day, why don’t you celebrate it by introducing your child to these wonderful traditions from around the world?


On New Year’s Eve, people here are said to pick up a suitcase and run around the block with it, to ensure they have a year full of adventurous travel.

How to involve your child: To instill in your child the love for travel, talk to him or her about various destinations and their attractions. Ask your child about the places he or she would like to visit and plan getaways accordingly.


With every stroke of the midnight bell, people in Spain eat one grape, which add up to 12 grapes, to bless each month of the year ahead.

How to involve your child: Grapes are packed with nutrients and are high in antioxidants, which prevent chronic diseases. So, feeding your child a few grapes is good tradition to follow.


On New Year’s Eve, tradition demands that beachgoers go to the sea shore and make wishes upon seven waves.

How to involve your child: If you are planning a beach vacation with your family, you will have fun following this tradition. Else, you can ask your child to make seven wishes for the year ahead on this occasion.


Before sitting down for the final dinner of the present year, people clean their house thoroughly as a way to get rid of negative vibes and attract better things in the year ahead.

How to involve your child: This tradition is a good way to encourage your child to lend a hand in cleaning the house. Ask them to help you with sorting items in the cupboard or bookshelf or make the bed.


As per Scottish folklore, the “first-foot” is the first person to come to your house–who brings gifts–on New Year’s Day. It is believed that the first-foot brings good fortune.

How to involve your child: Festivals are all about spreading happiness. This New Year’s Day, encourage your child to pick up some gifts for the children or people on the streets.


Children here follow a unique tradition of writing a “New Year’s Letter” which they read out to their parents and grandparents, and are rewarded with some money.

How to involve your child: With the art of letter-writing gradually becoming extinct, New Year’s Day would be a good opportunity to encourage your child to pen down his or her feelings. They can also be rewarded with money, which they can be taught to save for books or other meaningful gifts.

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