In principle, it is important that all vaccinations are completed prior to pregnancy. For two diseases, however, there is one exception: the flu and whooping cough. "Against both of these infections, women are not the best, but only during pregnancy impfen", Dr med said. Michael Wojcinski, President of the Association of Vaccination in the professional Association of women doctors, to a training Congress.

The Influenza viruses change from year to year, so a vaccination from last year, the mother and the Baby is not adequately protects. And both the Influenza and whooping cough, both of which are still widely used, is mitgeschützt the Baby, when the vaccination takes place only a few weeks before the birth. Then the Baby gets the fresh anti-bodies of the mother against the pathogen directly, and is protected during the first weeks of life against infection. Because the whooping cough vaccination during pregnancy is so effective, Wojcinski, that the Standing Committee on vaccination (STIKO) will follow at the Robert Koch Institute soon with a recommendation.

"One of the most Dangerous whooping cough is not the pathogen itself, but the heavy, exhausting Hustenanfälle", so Wojcinski. In infants, these coughing attacks often cause cessation of Breathing. Since whooping cough can last for weeks, could be to cope with frequent cessation of Breathing for the Baby is a real danger.

"If a family do everything right will", so Wojcinski, "then all the persons around the newborn Baby are vaccinated, so parents, grandparents, siblings and all who are involved in the care." This is true not only for Influenza and Pertussis, but also for measles, chicken pox, rotavirus, dangerous diarrhea, and other dangerous infectious diseases.


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