Every Second person thinks, smell from the mouth. Most of the are the but just. Who is really affected, you should not rely on the mouth water. The stench to get rid of with simple means.

  • 25% of people have mouth odor.
  • Most often bacteria are the cause.
  • Mouthwash is only really recommended against it.

About every Fourth breath. However, only ten percent of it is due to diseases of the intestinal tract or drugs. In most cases, the mouth creates smell is actually in the mouth. Affected can help is relatively easy.

Contrary to popular opinion, mouthwash is recommended only conditionally. The strong disinfectant agent to kill, in addition to the bacteria for the smell, and even the desired aerobic bacteria. The putrefactive bacteria to recover, however, shortly after the Mouth water cure and return with a full scent load.

Always make sense: tongue cleaning

The most successful remedy for bad breath is to brush thorough brushing and Cleaning the tongue. With a spoon, the back of the toothbrush or a special spatula from the pharmacy of the tongue coating can be removed easily. The bad smell is reduced by almost 60 percent.

Also a good Breakfast, and chew gum can protect against mouth odor. Both stimulate the production of saliva and thus provides for the removal of the odour causing bacteria.