Perhaps there is no trending diet or workout routine that Vanessa Hudgens has not tried. Being an exercise enthusiast as she describes herself, the actress likes to keep taking on new challenges with different diet plans and fitness sessions to maintain herself. With that, she also makes sure to reward herself with her all-time favorite foods.

Vanessa went candid about discussing her love for food and said that she is someone who loves to devour on pasta and pizza and depriving herself of carbs is quite difficult for her. That’s the reason she follows intermittent fasting which is quite beneficial as it makes her feel more powerful and energetic during the workouts.

The movie star further added that she consumes her total calories within six hours and the rest 18 hours are for fasting. Vanessa admits that though she finds it tough for an initial couple of weeks, intermittent fasting is something that has worked best for her so far.

There are times when following the 6-hour eating plan becomes hard, especially during the shooting days and that’s when she switches to the Keto diet which is another hit among the fitness lovers. Vanessa mentions that it’s a good eating plan and with the right ingredients, it can work wonders. She also supported the keto diet by saying that including healthy fats in your diet makes you feel energetic and not all fats are harmful to the body.

Although the actress keeps on changing diets, her exercising regime is something that she has been keeping the same for past few years. She explained that it’s like finding out a recipe that perfectly suits her body. She does SoulCycle for maintaining a healthy heart, Pilates for a toned body, and yoga to keep the mind in its best state. When asked about the frequency of her workouts, Vanessa told that fitness is an integral part of her personality and she exercises 6 days during a week. Now that’s some serious dedication!

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