Thousands of carers in Bavaria, see themselves on the verge of exhaustion. The Figures from the Barmer-care report, the “Münchner Merkur” reported the pre-show. Accordingly, each of the 14 stands. Person in a free state, the cares people today at home, on the verge of this task due to health reasons. The health insurance company prior to your care report in 2018 for Bayern on Tuesday in Munich.

According to the study, 6.6 percent of the caregivers in the free state also stated to want only with more support to continue to maintain. Less than one percent would do this even under no circumstances longer.

Around 70 percent of the elderly and the sick are cared for at home

In Bavaria alone, about 21,000 carers are in order to the barmen at the end of their forces and are on the verge of giving up. Almost 60 percent of the respondents wished to see less bureaucracy and more transparency when applying for benefits.

Around 70 percent of the Old and the sick, or of 2.59 million of the patient to be cared for at home. Of which 1.76 million were cared for solely by family members. 830,000 more lived also in private households, however, were maintained together with or entirely through ambulatory care services. 24 per cent, or around with 818,000 care were cared for the needy in nursing homes full of stationary.