Some benefits of a good sleep routine include better immunity, enhanced mood, better appetite and also improved memory.

We all are aware about the benefits of a good sleeping routine, including the impact it has on a person’s overall well-being. There is enough evidence to suggest that sleep, besides keeping you healthy and fit, also improves your productivity and efficiency at work.

Advising eight hours of sleep, Kanchan Naikawadi, preventive healthcare specialist, Indus Health Plus, says that little or no sleep can have harmful effects in the long run. “We need to always remember that it’s the body that analyses how much rest it needs and not us. Overburdening the body after a point will show the impact in the form of dark circles, fatigue, irritability and lethargy. Therefore, eight hours of sleep is a must to keep your balance,” she says.

Below, she lists the overall benefits of sleep and also shares how one can ensure good sleep.

Reasons for sleep deprivation:

Staying up too late – watching TV series or movies
Drinking too much coffee or tea
Eating late at night (it may even be munching junk food): It is always better to eat at least three hours before you go to bed
Late night parties
Work life imbalance, or work pressure
Social media or internet addiction
Late night texting and phone calls
Too much alcohol consumption

Benefits of sleep:

Better immunity: Getting enough sleep will improve your overall health and immunity.

Enhanced mood: Proper sleep will make you feel good and energised.

Beats fatigue: Sound sleep is always rejuvenating, and is also a great stress buster.

Balanced body weight: Better sleep will ensure that your body maintains a healthy weight.

Better appetite: Getting enough sleep improves the body’s digestion process and keeps it in good working condition.

Better memory: Better the sleep, better the recall power.

Good sleep is the best beauty treatment for your skin.

How to get good sleep?

Take a warm bath: If you are facing trouble falling asleep, a warm water bath can be of help.

Stick to a routine: Maintain and follow a fixed daily schedule for sleeping.

Stop worrying: Sleep is the best way to relax and manage your stress. Hence, when you are lying down on your bed, just forget about all your worries.

Environment matters: It is important to keep a comfortable and cozy setting around yourself for a sound sleep.

Soothing music helps: Playing music that’s soothing enough to put you to sleep is a must.

Stay physically active: In order to get a good night’s sleep, you need to be physically active throughout the day. In addition, exercise and yoga are also known to reduce the mental stress and help you unwind after work which aids sound sleep.

However, even after practicing all of this you are still struggling to get good sleep, it is advisable to visit a general physician for consultation.

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