• Shay Mitchell admitted she wears diapers in her latest Youtube series about her pregnancy.
  • The actress said she had to go to the bathroom about 22 times in a half an hour, so she put on a diaper.
  • Shay pulled down her pants and showed off her diaper during a fitting

Shay Mitchell hid her pregnancy for at least six months, but now that the secret is out, she’s not holding anything back. The actress has been documenting her pregnancy journey with boyfriend Matte Babel on her Youtube series Almost Ready.

The latest installment comes with a crazy confession, and it looks like the mom-to-be is getting a jump on baby-related responsibilities: diapers. Yep, Shay donned a diaper herself.

Shay explains in the video exactly why she opted for this unexpected fashion choice: “You wanna see something? Honestly guys, I’ve never known that somebody could pee as much as you do when you’re pregnant. I swear to God, in a half an hour, I went to the bathroom probably about 22 times last night to the point where I was like I’m f**king wearing diapers.”

“I’m literally wearing a full-on f**king diaper,” she added “Because it gets so annoying going to the bathroom all the time.” Shay pulled down her pants to show off her new undergarment to the shock of everyone else on the set. “This isn’t even an ad for Depends,” Shay said.

Shay seems to have come up with a genius solution to a problem pregnant women everywhere can relate to. “The set was way over here,” she said. “The bathrooms were like way over there. I peed myself. I got a couple good times and then I had to throw it out. But I’m not doing it, you know? I’m having to pee way too much. I’m over it.”

“Try my diaper method, I’m telling you it’s amazing.”

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