Drugs, and guidance, a lower threshold for hypertension, resistant bacteria and new slimming strategies: These health issues have moved to our readers in the year 2018. The editors of aponet.de has compiled for you the Top 10 most-read health messages.

Place 1

Diabetes: Müde after the dinner?

This can be a warning sign that is better ignored.

Place 2

These 5 foods lower blood sugar

Certain foods and spices keep the blood sugar in check.

Place 3

Low limits für blood pressure?

Stricter values have not for patients, not necessarily benefits.

Place 4

How bananas help in wound healing

In many developing countries, banana can be used shells as a paving.

Place 5

Pregnancy: Mägirl or Boy?

The sex of the baby affects the course of the 9 months and the risk for complications.

Place 6

New guideline für high blood pressure

Here you can read what has changed in the treatment of hypertension.

Place 7

Bacteria with onions bekäfight?

Certain species have the potential to keep resistant bacteria in check.

Place 8

Long-term stress stört, the hormones

Stress overloads the body, which affects the Hormone metabolism over a longer period of time.

Space 9

Fibromyalgia: What is the cause?

Inflammation in the brain might be the pain disease.

Place 10

Healthy weight loss: meals lay

Changing meal times could have a large effect on the weight.

A good and healthy year 2019 wishes you the editors of aponet.de!

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