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One of the longer-term love affairs we’ve had in the last few years is one with Stylecaster x Betterlove’s Stella — the amazing, clitoral-focused vibrator designed by our sisters at Stylecaster and Ella Paradis. And because we’re always down to spread the love around here, we’ve very excited to share that this beloved vibe is on Amazon
. Like, right now.

Unless you’re new here, you already know that the clitoris is, for vulva owners, a nexus of pleasure with thousands of nerve endings concentrated in just one place. Which is a lot and explains why most people with clits need some solid stimulation to achieve orgasm.

Which brings us back to Stella, a toy designed with that sweet spot in mind. With “a vibrating three speed tongue and mini silicone heads that lightly reverberate the vibes all around” the toy mimics oral sex in a way that feels extremely good without being on the uncomfortable side of the Uncanny Valley. It’s also super quiet and low-key and easy to leave out without it looking too NSFW (so, like, no panicking if someone walks in your room and pokes around where they shouldn’t be!). It also is designed to be super soft, wet proof, easy to charge and clean and to take with you on the go. 

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This is an excellent toy for beginners and sex toy collectors alike, offering a unique sensation and a super cute look. And, did we mention that it’s also just $55 when you buy it on Amazon? Because there’s that too, which brings it down from the OG price of $199.99. 

So if you’ve been looking for a new bed-side BFF and want to give your (or your partner’s) clit the love it deserves, snag yourself a Stella ASAP.

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