"The opinion of the autopsy. The child is as a result of bleeding under the hard brain verstorben&quot skin;, Potzel said to our newspaper. Simply put, a blood was a traffic jam, the pressure on the little brain-generated.

The opinion of the legal medical Institute in Erlangen, speaks of a "Central Regulationsversagen". Also the death of the mother occurred, says Potzel, as a result of an internal bleeding. As a result, the 33-Year-old no longer had enough blood. The report speaks of a "Volume Deficiency Schock". The woman is bleeding to death after an Operation.

Senior doctor speaks of "schicksalhaftem" The course

The woman had come at the beginning of December to the Klinikum Kulmbach to childbirth. In the course of pregnancy, no complications had set in, said the father of the child, the pastures Berger Robby glove (36). Therefore, the mother had opted for a normal birth, a cesarean section.

However, the child is born and not breathing. The Doctors tried in vain to ventilate it. Also the woman had been left to an Operation, was adopted even by her husband. Hours later, the Doctors told him that she had also died.

Dr. Benno Lex, the Senior physician in the obstetrics Kulmbach, from a "schicksalhaften" Over the course of. The Doctors themselves have called the police, she also wanted to know whether you have done something wrong. He confirmed to our newspaper: "We were extremely well equipped in terms of personnel this time." The "full attention of the team was Entbindung". Nevertheless, there are situations in which Doctors were completely powerless.

"No evidence for a Verschulden"

This is exactly what has now confirmed the report: The Doctors meet not to blame. Attorney Potzel expresses it this way: There is according to the current state "no current to the fault allegations or indications of a Verschulden" the Doctors.

However, the process is not finished yet, because the prosecution wants to seek an additional opinion. In such cases, there is "routinely a second Abklärung". When will it be finished, is not yet fixed