Vegan and vegetarian McDonald’s fans have an exciting new menu item to try—if they’re in Norway, that is. McDonald’s Norway is offering chicken-free McNuggets, and you can actually see the vegetables they’re made with! We’re impressed, McDonald’s.

A McDonald’s representative confirmed for Today that the new vegan nuggets are available now in select locations throughout Norway. The “Vegetarnuggets” (according to the English translation on McDonald’s Norway’s website), are made with a mashed potato base mixed with chickpeas, onions, carrots, and corn. Today reports that the nuggets are coated in breadcrumbs and then fried until crispy.

McDonald’s Norway is vegetarian savvy—the menu also includes a “Vegetarian McFeast,” made with a veggie and bean-based alternative to Noway’s “Chicken McFeast.” It actually looks pretty good…

McDonald’s Norway

Unfortunately, the vegan McNuggets are only available in Norway, but perhaps they will be a wild success and make it to other markets. In the meantime, I think McDonald’s in the U.S. needs to step up its vegan/vegetarian options!

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