Mat Fraser won the first event at the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games, marking a strong start to this year’s competition for the returning three time champion. Chandler Smith, a newcomer to the CrossFit Games, came in second, with Scott Panchik rounding out the top three in the leaderboard.

This preliminary elimination event, nicknamed ‘Final Cut’, consisted of a 400 meter run, three legless rope climbs, and seven squat snatches, with a 20 minute time limit — all in the roasting heat of Madison, Wisconsin.

Thursday was a good day. #CrossFitGames

According to Fraser, the secret to the snatch is simple: “Keep your arms absolutely straight and locked out through the first part of the lift so all the power from your hips will translate upward.” Check out his best tips for other CrossFit moves here to help you slay your next WOD.

An early win for Fraser doesn’t exactly come as a surprise: earning the title of Fittest Athlete on Earth three times in a row doesn’t come easily. Weighing in at 195 pounds, Fraser consistently kills it in all CrossFit events at the Games, including the intense “Aeneas” final event, named for the Greek hero and comprising pegboard climbs, thrusters, front squats, overhead presses, and loaded yoke carries.

This is the first year that the CrossFit Games aren’t being broadcast on television, but don’t worry. You can watch all of the CrossFit Games right here on Men’s Health via live stream, with live event commentary from our friends at BarBend. The Games, which CrossFit call the “ultimate proving ground for the fittest on earth,” will run until Sunday 4 August.

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