A glass of wine per day: according to a study from Italy and the United States, is healthier than abstinence or excessive alcohol consumption. According to the results, moderate drinkers rarely need to go to the hospital. Nevertheless, the authors of abstinence do not recommend learning, to start Drinking.

Study author Simona Costanzo of Harvard University says: "We have found that heavy alcohol consumption is associated with a higher probability for hospital stays. This applies in particular to cancer, and alcohol-related disorders and confirmed the harmful effect of excessive alcohol consumption on health." In the case of persons who drank only a little alcohol, showed a lower risk for hospitalization and, specifically, for cardiovascular disease compared to life-long abstinence and learning and former drinkers.

The authors, however, go so far as to recommend alcohol to improve health. They point out that the effects of alcohol consumption cannot be the only criterion measured. The comprehensive study will show, however, that the dose plays an important role.

For the study of 25,000 people from the Region of Molise in Italy were studied. The work was to learn more about the interrelationships between cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other degenerative diseases with genetic characteristics and environmental factors. Of 21,000 people has been studied for over six years, whether the Connections between the hospital stays, and drinking habits.


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