KHN Editor-in-Chief Elisabeth Rosenthal discussed how to manage unexpected health care costs with CBSN on Wednesday.

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KHN chief Washington correspondent Julie Rovner discussed the Affordable Care Act case before the Supreme Court with WBEZ’s “Reset” and WDET’s “Detroit Today” on Tuesday and with WHYY’s “Radio Times” on Wednesday.

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  • Read Rovner’s “What to Know as ACA Heads to Supreme Court — Again“

KHN partnerships editor and senior correspondent Mary Agnes Carey discussed the ACA Supreme Court case on Newsy’s “Morning Rush” on Tuesday and on Connecticut Public Radio’s “Where We Live” on Nov. 6.

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On Thursday, KHN correspondent Rachana Pradhan discussed with Newsy the challenges President-elect Joe Biden faces in trying to seat Food and Drug Administration leadership quickly to deal with the pandemic.

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  • Read Pradhan’s “As Nation Awaits Vaccine, Biden Is Under Pressure to Name New FDA Chief ASAP“

KHN senior correspondent Sarah Jane Tribble discussed KHN’s “Where It Hurts” podcast with Kansas Public Radio’s “KPR Presents” on Nov. 1.

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  • Tribble hosts “No Mercy,” the first season of “Where It Hurts.” Click here to listen to Chapter 1.

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